What is the IFS?
Years ago I began working on the biomechanics of a sound stance – one that would be the initial stance for not only Pramek, but any martial art.
So, I created our fighting stance – mechanically sound, protects vital parts of the body, and preserves equilibrium.
But, in 2012 – I began to notice that too many different style had too many stances. One for knife, one for club, one for firearm. So, overtime, I began working on integrating different weapons into the stance. Soon, I found that the weapon didn’t matter – it was the deployment of weapons that needed to fit into a stance.
Working through various classes, seminars, and clinics, and working with a variety of instructors – I combined the various weapons into a 90/90 stance – something that would fit 90% of weapons 90% of the time in deployment.
In this video, the first in a year (and the first of many new ones!) myself and Jordan, a Pramek instructor you will be seeing much more of, walk you through the IFS. After a day shooting on the range (don’t worry newsletter subscribers, your video is coming of the range as exclusive video!) we decided to shoot this video. Oh, want to join the newsletter – click the ‘Exclusive Content’ up top and join!
Yes, there is some wind-noise, that’s the nature of shooting in the desert, but I hope you enjoy the information!
– Matt

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