Warrior Mode – Bodyweight Basic Training Video 2


The second in the MSF: Warrior Mode Series for Pramek, MotionFlow is a new challenge from Pramek Fitness Coach Erik ‘Esik’ Melland.

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New in the MSF: Warrior Mode Series for Pramek, Erik Melland helps you connect your lower body with your upper body with Motion Flow!

Video 2 explains how to move your body in a low squat position. designed to open your hips, and helping you connect your lower half of the body with your upper half of the body. Understanding flow in movement, breaking down each movement patterns to create a fluid motion with the body. Gaining strength where less range of motion is at, to restore and recover mobility/stability.

This program is designed to also help you be tolerable in less than ideal positions, such as a forward pressure position and being in a deep squat position.

Warrior Mode – Basic Training Video 2 includes:

Be ready to feel the burn, develop coordination, and turn your biomechanics into fitness!

Detailed instruction and demonstration, focusing on the biomechanics of fitness

Low squat position exercises
Lower body/upper body cooridination
Motion Flow exercise chains
3 full new routines