Martial Art


Looking for a new way to the old ways? Welcome home. Making the complex understandable through science, we’ve changed the way martial art is done.

Personal Growth


Life is sometimes a harder opponent than any cage or battlefield can create. PEAK is martial art for every-day living, with 20 years of real world lessons put into these programs.



Ready to be a better teacher or student? Unlike any program in the martial art world, CLM is for any martial art, teacher, or student.



From F3 to Warrior Mode, to our well know Gear concept, our movement programs will refine your movement and get you ready for any task you face.


UDEMY Courses

Want to take a structured class?  We offer our PEAK classes on Udemy!

Books and Manuals

Get physical copies of books and manuals at Amazon…just remember, they take a % of our money!

Online Courses

Online Courses

Access your lessons anytime!  Check out our online courses!