What is Pramek?

At Pramek we ask the question ‘why?’ a lot.

We focus on the small things, the ‘why’, that other studies ignore.

It’s the small things that make big concepts happen. From why a martial art technique works mechanically to how students learn neurologically, the small things make a difference. Whether you’re looking to defend yourself, teach students, or find a new personal best…we think we can help you.

Founded in 2004 by Matt Powell, Pramek was created to apply a scientific process to martial art. Leading the charge in an industry that has shied away from scientific explanation, Pramek has grown from a small group of practitioners to a recognized system of thought and study.

So, first, understanding Pramek means understanding our history…

2004 – 2015

Pramek historically was the first Russian Martial Art hybrid, where an instructor officially left the Russian styles and began to combine it’s science with other styles and concepts.  After studying ROSS and then being the first Western representative of the Kadochnikov System, Matt Powell left and began to apply the concepts to a variety of combat fighting and movement systems.  This developed into a new method of teaching and learning, and soon Pramek left it’s hybrid status to become an art, style, a system of it’s own.

Like most projects, Pramek became larger than it’s original intent.  It brought on instructors from various background.  It began to form associations with other organizations and these created entirely new products in different genres.  It’s students, and founder, found new courses of study they brought to Pramek to develop.  This led to a number of styles of martial art, fitness, and movement, being explained by Pramek’s scientific methodology…and altered into different versions of their original formats. Pramek developed, over a decade, from a method of martial art science to a method of applying science to different pursuits based on a system of thought.


In Matt’s own words:

2015 – 2016

In over a decade Pramek had experienced incredible growth.  The system had grown from a martial art method to an international training organization.  The principles of Pramek, it’s application of science, and the CLM, had led the system to become a name in the martial art, fitness, and tactical world.

Matt began to step back…the system needed to breath, it’s size needed to consolidate, the organization needed equilibrium.

Matt began to explore the principles of Pramek in a new project, Pastless.  Learning and teaching around the world for nearly two decades, Matt took the lessons of Pramek and applied them to personal confidence and growth.  Matt authored two books, Open In Case Of Life, and a second book on personal planning, UNDO: The Ultimate Package, with a third book PASTLESS due for release in 2018.

Doing interviews across multiple media outlets, UNDO was a hit.  Matt recognized an important concept:  Pramek was more than just a method of martial art or movement…it was a testing ground for confidence.

More from Matt…

In 2017, Matt began to reshape the organization focusing on three elements into a Framework.

Pramek would leave behind the title of ‘martial art’ and become a learning system, based upon:

  • The UOS: Our Universal Operating System, comprised of a study of the 7 Sciences: biomechanics, kinematics, mechanics, physics, psychology, neurology, and physiology.
  • The CLM: Our Conceptual Learning Method. This method is our self-developed teaching and testing methodology, designed for the efficient teaching of skills and the testing of learned skills.
  • The AS: The Application Sciences, where the UOS and CLM are utilized in various areas of study, most often found in martial art and combatives, movement health, and personal confidence.

These 3 Elements make up part of the Framework within which the student learns.  When a student embarks upon studying all 3 Elements, they are studying Pramek to its fullest.

But, we recognize that each is a study on it’s own that can capture the learning and imagination of a student for many years. As Pramek has developed, each of these areas has developed in its own right. Considering this, some students may wish to only study one Element, or they may wish to bring the study of the Elements to other arts, as seen through the Applied Sciences.

Pramek, at it’s core, is an operating system for any methodology. Pramek, since it’s founding, has been about ‘universality’, or being universal for any application. Any study can benefit from the inclusion of Pramek. While within Pramek there are Applied Sciences that utilize the UOS and CLM, such as Pramek Adaptive Combatives or Mission Specific Fitness, these are not the only studies a student may wish to take on in their path.  What many think of ‘martial art’ or ‘movement’ within Pramek are simply Applied Sciences…the application of UOS and CLM to those courses of study.

So, why do we ask ‘why?’

Pramek works to find the solution to a problem the student faces, regardless of the topic.  But, that solution starts with the question of ‘why?’  When we ask why a technique works, or why a student learns new skills, or even why we can run faster with a certain gait…the why makes us look at the science.

Today, Pramek encompasses a variety of courses of study, from fitness to personal confidence, to applying Pramek elements to other systems and styles.

It’s not that complicated.  We ask ‘why’ a lot and look for the answer.  The more we ask ‘why?’, the more we find out…the more we find out, the better prepared we become.

This is the key to Pramek – it’s applying it to solve a problem, whatever the problem may be.