Founded in 2004 by Matt Powell, Pramek was created to apply a scientific process to martial art. Leading the charge in an industry that has shied away from scientific explanation, Pramek has grown from a small group of practitioners to a recognized system of thought and study.

Today, Pramek uses the lessons learned over the past two decades to help students focus on better developing their martial art skills…from learning to teaching to practice.  Our students have ranged from CEO’s to Special Forces units; sports stars to music celebrities; soccer moms to police officers.  Using our education methodology, products, seminars, and constant feedback, we bring forward what is a best practices system.

Our History

2004 – 2015

Pramek historically was the first Russian Martial Art hybrid, where an instructor officially left the Russian styles and began to combine it’s science with other styles and concepts.  After studying ROSS and then being the first Western representative of the Kadochnikov System, in 2004 Matt Powell left his Russian studies to form Pramek and began to apply the concepts to a variety of combat fighting and movement systems.  In 2008 Pramek left it’s hybrid status to become a system of it’s own.

From 2004 to 2008, Pramek brought in instructors from various backgrounds for diverse influences into it’s methods.  It began to form associations with other organizations and these created entirely new products in different genres.  It’s students, and founder, found new courses of study for Pramek to develop.  This led to a number of styles of martial art, fitness, and movement, being explained by Pramek’s scientific methodology…and altered into different versions of their original formats.

This period led to massive amounts of research into learning methodology, student physiology and psychology, as well as developing a better understanding of testing skill beyond ‘belts’ or tests.  Working with researchers, including John Landry, a lifelong martial artist and PhD in adult learning, in 2001 Matt published the first of the CLM series.  The CLM Book 1: Efficient Perceptual Learning proposed an entirely new way of teaching martial art skill and was well received by the martial art community.  In 2012, CLM 2: Direct Perceptual Testing was released to propose a universal methodology of testing martial art skill.  In 2014, Matt released CLM 3:  The Teacher & The Student, a work detailing Matt’s views on teaching and learning having spanned so many systems, styles, teachers, and continents.

During these eleven years, Pramek released over 180 Youtube instructional videos, a dozen full-length instructional videos, as well as first-of-their-kind PDF manuals.

In Matt’s own words:

2015 – 2016

In over a decade Pramek had experienced incredible growth.  The system had grown from a martial art method to an international training organization with clubs in more than 30 US states and 10 countries.  The principles of Pramek, it’s application of science, and the CLM, began leading the martial art, fitness, and tactical world.

Matt began to step back…the system needed to breath, it’s size needed to consolidate, the organization needed equilibrium.

Matt began to explore the principles of Pramek in a new project, Pastless.  Learning and teaching around the world for nearly two decades, Matt took the lessons of Pramek and applied them to personal confidence and growth.  Matt authored two books, Open In Case Of Life, and a second book on personal planning, UNDO: The Ultimate Package, with a third book PASTLESS due for release in 2018.

Doing interviews across multiple media outlets, UNDO was a hit.  Matt recognized an important concept:  Pramek was more than just a method of martial art or movement…it was a testing ground for confidence.

2017 – 2019

In 2017, Matt began to reshape the organization focusing on three elements into a Framework.

Pramek would leave behind the title of ‘martial art’ and become a learning system, based upon: The UOS: Our Universal Operating System, comprised of a study of the 7 Sciences: biomechanics, kinematics, mechanics, physics, psychology, neurology, and physiology;  the CLM: Our Conceptual Learning Method. This method is our self-developed teaching and testing methodology, designed for the efficient teaching of skills and the testing of learned skills; and lastly, the AS: The Application Sciences, where the UOS and CLM are utilized in various areas of study, most often found in martial art and combatives, movement health, and personal confidence.

These 3 Elements make up part of the Framework within which the student learns.  When a student embarks upon studying all 3 Elements, they are studying Pramek to its fullest.

2019 – Today

During a seminar with a police department, Matt noticed that most of the officers were competent with their martial art skill but many had more critical issues:  lack of confidence, weight and health issues, mobility issues.

Going back through his notes, Matt realized that over the years, seminar after seminar, student after student, outside of the military no Pramek students had been killed in any kind of fight, but many had died from health related issues.  Speaking with friends, learning about the challenges they faced, Matt decided to change his focus within the system to a new mission:  Self-Defense Against Life. 

While Matt continues to teach privately to law enforcement and military, publicly Matt has shifted his focus to his new company Path International.  Path focuses Pramek’s lessons learned on teaching students the mysteries of living – how to be confident, how to achieve goals, how to enjoy life.  This is done through courses such as CONFIDENCE .

Pramek’s educational and conceptual influence is still felt throughout the martial art and fitness world and will be into the future, from PhD candidates using Pramek as their study to UFC fighters using a wedge, Pramek will remain an integral part of the martial tradition for many passed on to the next generation.