UNDO: The Book


The book that started it all!

Matt’s manifesto on how to plan the future you want!

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Are you ready to take control of your future…or let the past control you?
If the past is something you feel like is holding you back, UNDO can help.
Utilizing a step-by-step workbook that will teach you how to cut ties with the past and plan your future success. Combining humor and reflection with an indepth workbook that is easy to use, Matt gives you one of the most in-depth ‘how to’ methods for life-planning you’ve ever experienced. Whether it’s more money in the bank or a promise you made to yourself as a child but think you can’t do…with UNDO, you’ll gain the tools and make it happen!

You don’t have to wait ‘the time is right’ – with UNDO you’ll have no choice to achieve your goals…it’ll be how you live.

UNDO is cutting edge, teaching you:
– How to ‘undo’ the past – cutting ties with the failures of the past and creating your future-self
– Going from failure to success and how understanding why you fail, not what you fail doing is the key to your future
– The incredible process of TGO, where Matt takes you from dreams on a sheet of paper to attainable goals
– Creating your own life ‘start-up’ with UNDO’s four kinds of ‘success capital’ you have right now
– How Matt developed the ‘success GPS’, taking the most trusted journaling methods and scientifically perfecting them…

…and much more!