Fighting in Confined Spaces


Fighting without an exit. Matt Powell teaches how to fight in confined spaces: against walls, corners, stairwells.

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In this 2 hour instructional video, Matt Powell shoots in three locations teaching the science, movement, and methods of fighting in confined spaces.

Moving from the studio to a basement to a stairwell, Matt shows how to use Pramek to fight effectively. Drawing on personal experience, as well as debriefing countless civilians, law enforcement officers, soldiers, and security personnel, Pramek’s ‘Against the Wall’ is a realistic, scientific look at fighting when there is no where to run.
Video covers:
The theory of basic confined space fighting, including:
Physics of striking
Physics of impact against a wall – bouncing force off a wall through a strike
Defining a confined space versus a wall or corner
Physics of movement in confined spaces
Strategy of wall fighting
Attack psychology – when and when not to push to a confined space
and more…

Movement in confined spaces and against walls, including:
Special ground movement exercise to train wall movement
The 4 types of movement from a wall
Bouncing off of a wall – becoming a ball
Using bones vectors for high levels of striking power and internal organ damage
Weaponizing movement when thrown against a wall
The unexpected key to properly pushing off of a wall with an arm or foot
Pramek’s ‘The Pulse’ and how to use it in a fight against a wall
and more…

Offensive and defensive applications, including:

15+ Defensive methods, including:
Vital targeting
Using the wall to help you strike
What strikes work and don’t work in confined spaces
Pulsing strikes to back off an opponent
Fighting out of a corner
How to not be thrown on stairs
Fighting for escape versus attack
Traps and locks in the clinch specifically designed for walls
Using rotation against an enemy

and more…

15+ Offensive methods, including:
Driving an enemy to the wall
Organizing an offensive strategy
How to drive an enemies head to the wall everytime
The one mistake everyone makes in stairway fighting
Pivot point strikes for maximum damage
How to use kicks and stomps in confined spaces
Generating power when no movement is available

and more…

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