Personal Development

UNDO: Getting past the past and planning your future, includes workbook.

Open in Case of Life:  Matt’s lessons from some of the world’s great teachers.

Martial Art

CLM Hardback:  CLM 1 – 4, edited, refreshed, with never before seen images

CLM 4, The State of ActionThe ‘why’ of martial art and new training discoveries.

CLM 3, The Teacher & The StudentDeveloping a better teacher/student relationship.

CLM 2, The DPTThe science of testing martial art.

CLM 1, The EPL:  The science of learning and teaching martial art.

If you want to read a text that will scientifically change the way you learn and the methods you use to learn a martial art then this is the book to read! Matt Powell is the premier scientific researcher into the field of martial art research as well as teaching and learning strategies.  – J. Landry, FL.

CLM2 is a working manual for taking your martial art to another level. Does your technique actually work? Can you execute under pressure? This manual will help you test and refine your technique. CLM1 and CLM2 are well written and easy to use. – Vince, ID

It’d be easy to describe this as a ‘goal setting’ book but it goes deeper then that; goal setting books are great about *how* to set goals but general leave ‘what goals to set ‘ as some variation of ‘whatever is important to you’. – Travis, FL