EP 20: Hardware vs Software with Aaron Cowan

[su_note note_color=”#d3d3d3″] Episode 20: Hardware vs. Software with Aaron Cowan.


Aaron Cowan may be one of the most innovative tactical instructors to come into the training world in more than a decade. With his experience in military, law enforcement, and private security contracting, as well as being a natural teacher, Aaron’s style of tactical instruction is unlike any other.

Combining experience with science, and combining them into self-defense based training methods, Aaron has taken the tactical world by storm with his company Sage Dynamics.

In this week’s in-studio interview, Matt discovers a martial art from outer space and talks training with Aaron on topics including:

– Being a ‘science instructor’ and using science
– Startle response and the truth behind training it
– Why scientific knowledge is as important as physical training
– Making the most of fitness in training
– Aaron’s favorite gear, who he admires in the industry, and much more…
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