EP 21: A Heroes Project with Jeff Kyle

[su_note note_color=”#d3d3d3″] Episode 21: A Heroes Project with Jeff Kyle 


In the past few years, perhaps no other name brings up the emotions and conversations like the name Kyle.  Jeff Kyle, brother of Chris Kyle, board member of Heroes Project, instructor at TETATX, and Marine joins Matt Powell in a wide ranging discussion about his brother, the Kyle legacy, training and methodology.

Special guest interview, John Wolf, talks about his involvement in a major development with Onnit and the fitness community.10609518_954686954557533_1790207207395216186_n


In this week’s episode, Matt shares hate mail and talks indepth with Jeff about:

– The Kyle legacy and the Chris Kyle others didn’t know
– How training tourists affect training industry
– Dealing with distractions and training to win
– What Jeff would change about the 1911 and much more…
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