EP 23: Rounding the Edges with Paul VanDunk

[su_note note_color=”#d3d3d3″] Episode 23: Rounding the Edges with Paul VanDunk 


If you’re never seen Paul VanDunk shoot, you might not know what speed is. Respected by other instructors and students, Paul VanDunk is a master of firearms mechanics and making students fast.

Movement, refining movement, mastering mechanics…all play an important role for any fighter, athlete, or shooter that Paul VanDunk talks about in this week on Pramek Radio.
On this week’s episode Matt sprays icy hot instead of calimine lotion and talks to Paul about:


– How Paul got his start and when he noticed he was a good shooter

– The mechanics of fast, repeatable, accurate movement
– What is ’rounding the edges’ and how you can do it.
– Early indicators of childhood speed and skills.
– Internet masters, Red Dawn, Paul’s career as a professional gamer, and much more.

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