EP 32: The Nature of Mission Specific Fitness

[su_note note_color=”#d3d3d3″] EP 32: The Nature of Mission Specific Fitness

6087218455_6a58f5f542_oMany fitness programs are designed by fitness pro’s for the first responder community…but what if people in that community developed a program?

You would have MSF, or Mission Specific Fitness.

The brain-child of Matt Powell, MSF is a new kind of fitness by those who understand what it is to work as LE, fire, or carry everyday.

This week Matt tries not to pass out from Thanksgiving dinner while talking MSF, including:
– What is MSF and how is it Mission Specific
– The MSF Pie and how to look at your fitness program
– Where many fitness programs go wrong for first responsers
– Thanksgiving coma’s, music, and much more…

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