EP29: The Future of Pramek

[su_note note_color=”#d3d3d3″] EP29: The Future of Pramek with Matt Powell


10557564_669439769817153_5033355065517435976_oDo you set rules for yourself and others? Do those rules stop you from moving ahead? This week Matt discusses breaking the rules and the future of Pramek, as well as some important realizations about the organization that will guide the next year.

Get ready for some big changes as Pramek prepares to move into new markets and new processes to bring the message of Pramek to a larger audience!


This week Matt discusses advice to new comers and talks to Steve about:
– The concept of rules and how they effect our lives
– The new direction of Pramek and how this direction came about
– What you can do today to change your attitude and life
– Fitness, firearms, combatives, science and much more…

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