How to Digital Download

Not sure how to digital download products?

It’s not as hard as you think.

Read on!


With the prevalence of mobile devices, we want to ensure you know how to download these products successful.  Because we use the Pramek Shop platform, you will be logging into to download your products.


If you have NO idea what you are doing, add the ‘mail it to me’ option to your order and we will mail you a thumbdrive, S&H included.


Download Instructions

  1. Once you have purchased your products, you will see a page that reads: ORDER RECEIVED.  On this page, you can click the links next to Download under the product name one at a time to receive your products.  When you click each one, it will open a new window and start a new one.  This will download to your designated download folder.  
  2. You will receive an email notification with your links to download.  Make sure you are logged into your account (login to your account at, then in the email you received, click the link in your email for Download
  3. You will always have access to your products, all you have to do is login and download.
    1. Login to your account at
    2. You can also at anytime click MY ACCOUNT
    3. Enter your information
    4. Click on Dashboard
    5. Click on Downloads
    6. Pick the product you wish to download and download it


Unzip Instructions

All of our products come in a ‘zip’ format for easier downloading.

Desktop Windows Based Computer

  1. Create a folder on your Desktop called ‘UNDO’ and keep it open and minimized.
  2. Download your products.
  3. Once downloaded, you will need to use Windows or an Unzip program (for example to unzip the files.  Windows should open a new window with the product within the zip’d folder.
  4. Drag the product in the zip’d folder into the folder on your desktop you created earlier.


For Mac Users

The best tutorial we have found is located here for download and unzipping a file.


For IPhone or IPad Users

As IPhone and IPad users ourselves, we have found using either a) ITunes to sync the products; or b)  put it in your Dropbox on your homecomputer and then either syncing the file or accessing it through the Dropbox app is the easiest.  

If you are looking for what we use and swear by….while we can not guarantee your success with it, Syncios is great.  If you have an iOS device you may want to just use Syncios for any transfers.



We asked a number of Android users to give us the best recommendation, and they recommended this tutorial:  

We tried it and it worked with the downloads and website, and email links.



Can’t figure any of this out – contact Cat at and we can arrange for a thumbdrive to be loaded and mail to you.


We do not provide DVD’s at this time.


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