EP 17: Patterns and Parts, an interview with Sarah Jamieson

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The new Pramek Podcast launches with a bang with guest Sarah Jamieson.

Sarah is the Founder of RUN4ACause having run over 50,000 miles and raised $1.9 million for charities and causes. She is a TedX Speaker and an innovator in the field of movement, biomechanics, and PTSD.

She specializes in corrective movement and movement coaching, and is a staple in the tactical fitness world, as well as the alternative fitness world of kettlebells and bodyweight challenges.

This week Matt makes fun of psychic energy and discusses a variety of topics with Sarah, including:

  • – Better training with the biopsychosocial model
  • – Patterns and Parts: The key to better teaching and training
  • – Law Enforcement and Shift Work: Making better cops
  • – Movement and PTSD: How trauma affects our lives
  • – Audio Lecture by Matt Powell on the three keys to new student training
  • -Interview starts at 15 minutes
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