Conceptual Learning Method Bundle


The Conceptual Learning Method…everything, all in one package!

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Do you know how to teach?

Do you know how students learn?

With the CLM bundle you get the most indepth package ever on how to learn, how to teach, how to test, and how to put it all together.

The Conceptual Learning Method is one of the most innovative methods of teaching martial art to ever be introduced to the martial art world!

In this bundle you get:

  • CLM 1:  Efficient Perceptual Learning Method – how students learn and how to teach
  • CLM 2:  Directed Perceptual Testing Method – a scientific method for testing your students on what you teach
  • CLM 3:  The Teacher and the Student – understanding the psychology of teaching any system or style
  • Organize the Fight:  The CLM Video – the first video to explain it all, with 1 hour of lecture and 30 minutes of demonstration

This is mind blowing information guaranteed to test everything you have ever learned about teaching or learning martial art.

Become a better martial artist, fitness, shooting, or tactical instructor today.