Virtual Class: knives


The video everyone has asked for – Pramek and knives. This is the first of many knife videos.

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The video people have asked for for years…

Topics include

-Types of knives and the most dangerous kind.
– New ways to look at fighting with the knife and defending against one
-The fundamentals of knife fighting.
-Types of knives and the most dangerous kind of knife
-Using a knife like a firearm to stop a threat
-The mathematics of blood loss and how to use it
-Targeting for maximum effect
-The nature of self-defense
– How knives can and can not change the attack and defense
– and much more…

PLEASE NOTE: Class videos are 30-45 minutes in length and serve as a training supplement. Shot in HD (with occasional student phone footage thrown in for different perspectives). These are HD, but are not professionally produced – they are class footage that have insight, demonstration, and various students as Matt corrects them. There is foul language on occasion, joking, and the general fun that happens in classes along with the training.