Virtual Class: ‘Lock picking’

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Welcome to class…in this class, we talk ‘lock picking’, or using grabs for counter attacks and take downs.

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Welcome to class…in this class, we talk ‘lock picking’: using grabs for counter attacks/take downs.

Topics include
– What is ‘picking the lock’ in a grab release and the options it gives.
– Turning grab releases into takedowns with two different transitions..
– The mechanics of releases.
– Levering to remove equilibrium.
– Countering the counter attack.
– Working against knives.
– The importance of elbow control.
– kick defenses, the Load Bearing Area,
creating force vectors, and more…

PLEASE NOTE: Class videos are 30-45 minutes in length and serve as a training supplement. Shot in HD (with occasional student phone footage thrown in for different perspectives). There is foul language on occasion, joking, and the general fun that happens in classes along with the training.