EP 18: Long overdue, an interview with Kevin Secours


[su_note note_color=”#d3d3d3″] This week on Pramek Podcast: Long overdue with Kevin Secours.

Kevin is the founder of Combat Systema and a consummate teacher. Leading his world wide training organization while working in the world of combatives and martial art, Kevin has changed the face and methodology of Systema.

Recently well-known for his role as Sam Fisher in the Splinter Cell video game, Kevin is also popularly recognized world-wide as the man behind Sam Fisher’s movement and fighting.

This week Matt talks about the Brown-Stigler Incident of WWII and discusses a variety of topics with Kevin, including:

  •  – Russian Style – what works, what doesn’t
  •                              – Being Sam Fisher – what the Splinter Cell world is like
  •                             – Principles versus techniques: the important of having each
  •                             – Movement and getting better with your movement and fighting
  •                             – and much much more in this over an hour interview
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1 Reply on EP 18: Long overdue, an interview with Kevin Secours

  • Paul Genge says:

    Great interview guys. I have to agree so much with a lot of what you guys talked about, but then again I suspected that would be the case.

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