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Tonight I am humbled.
Tomorrow I board a flight for London, where we will have our first London seminar. Then to the Netherlands, for our first European seminar.
Think back to a year ago – a Youtube videos, a low level website, Human Equilbrium was a very low quality video, and we were just starting.

A year later – we have a top notch website, videos for download, production quality through the roof. We have numerous US states with training groups forming, public and private seminar happening. Pramek is growing.

And the jewel in the crown is something many spend years working to attain – seminars in the UK and Europe. We have accomplished more in a year than many accomplish in five. I truly believe it is because of the hard work our folks at Pramek have put in, the content and production quality that makes videos easy to learn by, and the personal communication we put into everyone who contacts us.

I am proud of what has been accomplished on a shoe string budget and a drive to bring what we have spent over a decade working toward…the drive to bring it to the public. This is not an easy road. I don’t want Pramek to be about Matt Powell…I want it to be about the materials, the system, the training groups, and the network we build for civilians, soldiers, private security, and martial artists world wide. We limit who is involved publicly, we build strong relationships with professionals, we slave to film top quality instructional videos.

It was not always this successful. In the K-Sys years we had a lot of obstacles. In the post K-Sys years there were many sleepless nights and weekends in training rooms, libraries, concussions, scars, fights, methods that didn’t work, friends who left, and foes who attempted with every bone in their body and legal paperwork and threats to stop what we were doing. We never stopped.

I am really humbled by going overseas to teach this system that so many have put their time into.

Tomorrow, when I board that plane to travel to the Old World, as we in America call it, I board it with 14 years of memories and experiences, ready to share what we’ve worked on. With every seminar and clinic, I feel like this is a science project a team built that I am taking to the science fair in school to be judged…and with everything we have seen, we know the judgement will be positive and the system will spread.

Thank you all – I’ve never been to London, I’ve never been to Europe. I never thought I’d be setting up schools in the US or different nationals. I’ve never had phone conversations at 3 in the morning with people half way around the world laughing about martial art. I’ve never had so many ask to come to Atlanta to train with me, when I look in the mirror and see a man who is incomplete, but driven to simply look at completion.

And it’s not me – it’s what I helped build, Pramek, and that helps me sleep with a smile on my face.

We may not be your kind if your kind of faint of heart…but we hope to get you there with us, and we will all go together.

I hope the Old World is ready for the Americano…I am ready for it.


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