Congratulations are in order….

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Our own good friend and Pramek contributor and researcher, Aaron Cowan, has stepped into the world of instruction and organizational leadership.

I have known Aaron for years and he is a top level instructor in everything he does. He has developed a dream team of firearms and tactical instructors that would make even the best companies out there shiver at knowing they have to compete with these guys for quality instruction.

If you are carrying a firearm or working with one, be it civilian, LEO, private security, or military, and you study Pramek…you have found a home for firearms instruction.

And that is what it comes down to – quality instruction. You will find no better tactical and firearms instruction than Sage. There are a lot of fly by night companies offering this kind of training. You need to trust your life in the hands of true professionals…no show boating, no gimmicks….just real world instruction. Realistic and scientific…the Pramek way. Few have the insight, out side of the box thinking, and personal ability to instruct like Sage Dynamics and the team they have developed.

Aaron has been a Pramek forum contributor since day one and has helped to lead Pramek students to realistic, quantifiable training and real world results with a no BS attitude. Stop by his website and help him grow Sage Dynamics to the next level….and you might see me at a seminar.


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