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Pramek Course List (2017-2018)

Seminars and in-person training are the highest form of training in Pramek.  Our courses are defined based on general themes that cover a wide range of subjects.

These seminars are universal in subject matter and are designed to create a better student, regardless of system or style.  Pramek has a strict non-recruitment policy for seminars – our instructors are not allowed to actively recruit students at seminars for Pramek. These seminars are taught around the world and are ‘the best kept secret’ in combatives training due to the nature of topics covered.

Courses listed in red are highly challenging in skill, fitness, and mental capacity.  These courses are not recommended for beginner martial artist or fighters.


Basic Courses ($750 Minimum for One Day 10 hour training block)

Fighting Mechanics Fundamentals – Taught by Matt Powell or Dave Dempsey
Learn the physics and mechanics of combatives, from classes of levers to wedges, pulleys to tangents, this .

Fighting Biomechanics Fundamentals – Taught by Matt Powell
This course covers the biomechanics of combat, from kinematics, structure, to the physics and mechanics of movement.

Pramek Combat Sports – Taught by Dave Dempsey
Explore how Pramek applies to combat sports, from sambo to bjj, Dave Dempsey walks your team or school through using Pramek in combat sports to achieve the unfair advantage.

Movement Efficiency Fundamentals – Taught by Matt Powell
Popularly known as ‘the cat course’, based on the series the Helix & The Gear, this course will have you moving like a cat – soft, quiet, efficient, and ready to attack.

Combative Striking – Taught by Matt Powell
The mechanics, biomechanics, strategy, innovation – Pramek Combative Striking covers survival style striking, combining the science of sport with violence of surviving.

Weapons Fundamentals – Taught by Matt Powell, Dr. John Landry
Defense and offensive use of weapons, including knives, clubs, improvised weapons, creating weapons, and using the environment as a weapon.

Human Equilibrium (HEq) Fundamentals – Taught by Matt Powell
A deep dive into the most mystical of topics:  balance.  HEq is the masters class for those wishing to understand balance and how to truly break structure and balance.

Combative Confidence – Taught by Matt Powell
Bring the concepts of Pastless to your teaching – getting past the past, fighting the fight of today, and building confidence in your students and teachers.

The CLM – How to Use the CLM – Taught by Matt Powell
CLM is unlike any methodology in the world – and once you bring it to your school, you’ll see your school change drastically. The CLM course is the deep dive into learning psychology and neurology, based on the CLM system.

Combative swordsmanship – Taught by Cody Skillen
Learn a practical biomechanical approach to historical swordsmanship by starting with fundamentals and building towards advanced principles intuitively.



Advanced Courses ($1200 Minimum for One Day 10 hour training block)

Understanding Combative Sciences – taught by Matt Powell
This course combines the sciences of combat (physics, mechanics, biomechanics, psychology, neurology, strategy) into one understandable method of fighting.

Teaching the Teacher (The CLM) – taught by Matt Powell
There are many styles, but only one system for teaching martial art teachers:  Pramek’s CLM.  Learn to teach, test, and how to maintain a positive training environment.

SomatoSensory Training – taught by Matt Powell
Combining the senses, SST training teaches how to use your nervous system to become adaptive to your environment, weapons, and equipment.

Combative Problem Solving – taught by Matt Powell
A fight is 90% mental, 10% physical.  Combative Problem Solving teaches how to maximize the 90% to create a quick, effective 10%.

CQC Environmental Fighting – taught by Matt Powell, Dave Dempsey, or John Landry
Vehicles, hallways, stairwells, elevators, alleys, even a kitchen…CQC-EF teaches you how to turn your physical environment into a weapon.

AC – RBSD – taught by Matt Powell
A full impact training weekend utilizing Spartan Training Gear – Pramek Adaptive Combatives – Reality Based Self Defense is a high impact, high level CLM course.


Law Enforcement/Military Only Courses

Law Enforcement Combatives – taught by John Landry
For Law Enforcement only, John Landry’s NBDF LEC is a masters in class in law enforcement survival.

Law Enforcement NBDF – taught by John Landry, PhD.
For Law Enforcement only, John Landry’s NBDF (Non-Ballistic Deadly Force) is unlike any law enforcement course taught in the country, teaching deadly force without ballistic weapons.

Mission Specific Fitness – taught by Matt Powell
Based on our MSF video series, Mission Specific Fitness is designed to increase officer health, serviceability, survivability both long term health and short term activity.


Course List General Information
Seminars and in-person training are the highest form of training in Pramek.  Our courses are defined based on general themes that cover a wide range of subjects.
All courses are taught in 10 hour blocks, with an optional 4 hour block the next day included in the price.
Course prices are for instructor only and full amount must be paid two weeks in advance, or with deposit of 50% paid two weeks in advance and remainder paid day of seminar.
Travel and accommodations requirements are course and location specific and can often be arranged at no cost to the hosting group or school.
Requisite equipment for all courses is an indoor or covered outdoor location with a minimum .5 inch padding, as well as student equipment (hydration, food, pen, paper, personal safety gear and clothing, etc).
Courses listed in red are highly challenging in skill, fitness, and mental capacity.  These courses are not recommended for beginners.
Refunds will not be provided for any payments, regardless of inability to be present at seminar, unless a physician’s written note is provided.
All students and facilities are required to fill out an informed consent waiver, with government issued ID available for identification verification. All seminars are age 18 and up unless a parent or legal guardian is willing to sign all legal documents on behalf of a minor and be present for the entirety of the seminar.
Law Enforcement Courses are for sworn law enforcement or support personnel only, or for recognized private security companies or contracting companies with an active DUNS identification number.
Some courses may be covered under ITAR and this must be discussed prior to non-United States seminars.
Pramek reserves the right to refuse training to any individual or school, at any time, before or during a seminar.
Seminars are filmed by Pramek, and participants are encouraged to film seminars with their own phone, camera, etc. All participants must sign a model-release form provided by Pramek. Participants wishing not to be filmed must make this known prior to seminar start.
Please contact to discuss bringing a course to your school and to see full terms and conditions of a seminar.

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