Breaking Balance has arrived!

The first interactive manual from Pramek, ‘Breaking Balance: The Science of Equilibrium’ will quickly become a martial art classic.
Fully portable in Adobe reader, this manual combines the written word with video.

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Over an hour of instruction on the true nature of human balance, the science of equilibrium. Follow along page after page with written theory and then video explanation.

Topics include the following:

Notes for The Student
The Human Equilibrium System (HES)
HEq: Pramek’s Theory of Human Equilibrium
HEq: Human Equilibrium
Force Acting Upon A Body
Center mass
The Nature of Stability
Coefficient of Stability
Controlling a body
Friction and Load Bearing Area
The Preservation and Disturbance of Equilibrium
Compensation Movement
Dampening Movement
Balancing Movement
Removal of Equilibrium
Circumduction movement
Attacking Dampening Movements
Attacking Compensational Movements
Attacking Balancing Movements
Human Dimensions
One Plane Disturbance
Shearing and planar movements
Common Examples of Equilibrium Disturbance



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