EP 34: Unplugging to Plug In

[su_note note_color=”#d3d3d3″] EP 34: Unplugging to Plug In

What would happen if you unplugged from the internet?

Matt did it, and then plugged back in – and tells you his experience.
And it isn’t pretty.


But, he also gives you some tools to unplug from the internet and plug into your potential…from apps to software, mindset, to humor, if you think you may be ‘that guy’ or know ‘that girl’ this is definitely the episode for you.

This week Matt talks podcast changes as well as :

– The nature of unplugging and why many aren’t capable
– Candid insight into why social media and the web is addictive
– Replacement and substitutions for when you have unplugged
– Advise on software, schedules, and how to find your potential
– Tony Robbins groundhog day, anger at the internet, and so much more on Pramek Radio…

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