EP 35: 2014 review and how to plan for 2015

[su_note note_color=”#d3d3d3″] EP 35: 2014 review and how to plan for 2015

As our board of directors, we felt it’s important to let you know where we have been…and where we are going.

On this episode Matt goes into a detailed review of 2014, how he planned the year in 2012, and how 2015 will shape out.

Giving advice on planning, Matt guides you through the thought process that is the creativity of Pramek.

In this year in the review special, Matt discusses:

– How 2014 was planned in 2012…and how you can plan that far in advance.
– The successes of Pramek and the failures no one knew about.
– Finding partnerships, even when they seem like they don’t exist.
– A sneak peak into 2015, advice on finances, and so much more on Pramek Radio…

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