EP 37: Redlines and Technology

[su_note note_color=”#d3d3d3″] EP 37: Redlines and Technology

10599417_10101317027792791_6852037507718539299_nWhat are your red lines? When will you act? Are you really teaching your student properly?

On this episode Matt discusses the concept of the ‘redline’, and loses it (it was bound to happen) discussing the lack of true teaching in the martial art world.

Matt also discusses three technologies you can bring in to your training room today to create lasting students and better results.

On this episode Matt discusses:

– How do develop a redline for your personal action
– How to gather intelligence to know what to train for
– The CLM and how it teaches for street combat
– The three technologies you can use right now to have a better class
– SERIAL, Youtube, the future of Pramek Radio, and so much more…

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