The following is an FAQ on how to download our videos, and general questions.  If you follow the FAQ your downloads and experience should be seamless.

But, mistakes do happen, so we will work with you at support@pramek.com to rectify any problems.

Remember: Our download links come ONLY from “http://www.PRAMEK.com”


Pramek Admin


Why are DVD’s an additional cost?
While we encourage you to download our videos and then burn them to DVD (as we provide a link in this FAQ on how to do) we understand many people still wish to purchase DVD’s for a variety of reasons.
We offer DVD’s at an additional cost because we offer an option that does not require a DVD.
DVD’s create overhead…our videos are well produced, innovative, and inexpensive because we have minimal overhead.
Professionally printed DVD’s are expensive, shipping is expensive and time consuming.

So, we have found a compromise – we will provide very basic DVD’s for purchase at a minimal additional price.
Your DVD’s will ship the week of order, will be in clear plastic cases or sleeves, and will have the titles hand written on the DVD. The DVD will have no chapters.


 I just bought my downloadable videos – how does this work?

1.  You will receive a confirmation email with your links in your email box.  Confirm you have this email.

2.  Next, to ensure your downloads function properly, we have to check your speed!

Please go to:  http://www.speedtest.net/ or http://reviews.cnet.com/internet-speed-test/

At less than 1200 kbps we highly you download one product at a time.  Above a score of 1200 kbps, you should be fine to download multiple videos.

3.  If you use a download manager, please make sure that it is set to remain connected indefinitely and not set up to timeout after periods of time of inactivity.  Many times our link addresses will be open, but the end user has it set to timeout on their end after 30 minutes.  Set a download manager to remain connected indefinitely to avoid this.


Now, how to use those links in your email box.


4.  Log into your account at http://www.pramek.com/shop/index.php/default/customer/account/login/ in your preferred browser.  Keep this window open and do not logout or close out of the shop.


5.   In the same browser as you are logged into the shop (for example, Chrome), log in to your email.  You must be logged into the shop and your email in the same browser!  Open your confirmation email and use your links!


6.  Keep your Pramek.com account window open for the duration of your download!


7.  Once one video has downloaded, you will see a zip file.  Please unzip the file to whatever location you want.  If the file does not unzip and says ‘corrupted’ please contact us, as this means you experienced a time out.  Once your file unzips, now you get to watch it.


8.  Our videos are in .mp4 format, shot in HD, and compressed for maximum information in minimal file space.  This requires a player.  You can utilize most players, so long as your codec’s are updated.  If your video does not play, first make sure your player is set up and updated to player .mp4 format.  We recommend utilizing VLC player, as it is versatile. and easy to use:  www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html.

If you at some point have problems with your downloads, please contact us at support@pramek.com.

We have a 95% success rate for downloads, which is high for the industry, but mistakes do happen and we will help you to the best of our ability.


How do I manage my Account Information, including Billing / Shipping Address and Previous Orders?

You can manage your Account Information by clicking here.


 I do not like downloads, I would like DVD’s.  Why don’t you sell them?

When we were selling DVD’s we found a majority of our customer’s were requesting downloads.  DVD’s are an overhead – they require stocking, shipping, and these increase prices…and they create mailing mishaps, and generally cause customer’s to have bad experiences.  With DVD’s we would be unable to offer prices and deals like we do, and we would not have so much free information.  So, we stopped in 2011 carrying them.   We do offer our videos on USB jumpdrive for an additional cost.

If you must have a DVD, we recommend burning video to a DVD for storage if you can’t afford the harddrive space.

Here is an easy to way to do so:  http://www.ehow.com/how_4815227_burn-mp4-files-dvd.html


I ordered a jump drive/zip drive/usb drive – where is it?

We include the jump drive as an option, but with our high success rate for downloads, we mail the jump drives once a week to customers, on Friday afternoon’s.  If you ordered a jump drive, it will ship on Friday.


This shirt/hat/product doesn’t work – I want to return it.

No one likes getting a product they don’t like.  If you get a shirt, hold it up to yourself before you put it on.  If it looks like it should be in a giant’s closet, or in your child’s, email support@pramek.com and let us know you are shipping back and you need a different size.  We will ship one to you the following day.

If your hat, patch, etc., doesn’t fit or work, same thing – email us, let us know the problem and we will ship you one the next day while you ship yours back.

If you claim to ship an item and it doesn’t arrive within 1 week of your notifying us, we will request a confirmation number on your shipping.  If you still do not do it, we will charge you via PayPal for the cost of the product you didn’t return, plus shipping and handling.


You charged me for my returned shirt, but I swear I didn’t wear it.  

We are all adults – if it comes back and is obviously been worn, if it’s been washed, smells like cologne, has dog hair all over it, deodorant lines inside of it, etc., we will charge you for your returned shirt.  We know the difference between a shirt someone held up and recognized is too small, dropped accidently, and shipped back….and a shirt  that someone held up, sneezed on, fell on the floor and did The Gear with, then mailed back.

You haven’t replied to my emails.  Why are you ignoring me?

Between emails, spam filters, trash filters, etc., emails get lost.  It happens, and while we wish it didn’t, it does.  If your product issue email isn’t answered within 48 hours, please email directly to info@pramek.com and put ‘URGENT’ in the subject line.


I want a refund on my entire order because one of the videos didn’t download.

We do not offer this.  If you are unhappy with your experience, we will refund you for any videos that are not downloaded.  We will not refund any purchases that are downloaded.  We are able to tell this from the backend of our site.  We will do what we can to assist you, but please put yourself in our shoes.


 You charged my card 6 times, I want a refund or I’m telling my bank and suing you.

If you believe your card was charged too many times or without your permission, please send us supporting documentation of the charges, including the following:

1)  Your email receipt of purchase

2)  A screenshot of your bank account or Paypal (we recommend editing this) to show the multiple charges.

3)  Any supporting evidence you have that we made a mistake.

We will work with our vendor, bank, and Paypal to rectify any errors.  If one was made we will make it right – if one wasn’t made, then either you or your bank need to file a claim with Paypal, which is our primary means of conducting internet financial transactions.


My club already has a waiver – why do I have to sign a Pramek waiver?

While we appreciate every club being proactive in protecting themselves, when our instructors travel they are not taking our HQ with them.  As such, we must be tireless in making sure that they, and Pramek, and your school, are protected by a waiver applicable in all 50 states.  It’s not that we don’t trust your waiver, we just know ours works and has worked multiple times in a court of law.  Without signing our waiver, you can not participate and will not be refunded.


 I have another question that’s not answered here, how can I find out?

Feel free to contact PRAMEK by clicking here.

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