Learning and Teaching



Do you know how to teach…not how you were taught your system. 

Do you know how to truly teach?

Guided by Pramek’s Conceptual Learning Method, the CLM course series teaches the teacher.

The CLM as developed by Pramek to create a method of educating on five key principles:

  1. How a student learns a physical skill
  2. How to teach a student according to their learning type
  3. How to use a scientific process to test students
  4. Understanding the psychology of a training environment
  5. Using science to create effective and efficient students

Most martial art and combatives instructors are rarely taught how to teach and how to their student learns.

The CLM is geared specifically for educating the teacher and student on just that.  Universal to any martial art, the CLM a scientifically based learning system focused on instruction and testing.

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If you can read…you can use the CLM to become a better teacher. By reading the CLM you’ll gain valuable, previously undiscussed methods of how to better prepare students, see their weaknesses in training, and see the weaknesses in your own teaching.

Courses available

Efficient Perceptual Learning

Efficient Perceptual Learning, or EPL, is based on years of research and defines goal orientation.  Based upon  the CLM Manual 1, this seminar takes participants through all phases of learning, helping you quickly  learn martial art by first understanding how you learn.

Directed Perceptual Testing

Among the most thorough and structured testing methods in martial art and combatives, Pramek’s Directed Perceptual Testing, or DPT, is a grueling process of education based on the CLM Manuals.  This course brings a student full circle, making even the most simple techniques almost impossible to use and then reteaching the technique back based upon perception.

Teaching The CLM:  Basic

The ‘Teaching the CLM’ basic course teaches a student and teacher how to educate and become teachers.  Taught by Matt Powell, this course is a deep study into the EPL and DPT,  giving valuable insight into learning, teaching, neurology, habit development, psychology in training, and other obstacles teachers and students face.


Asking the question why in CLM 4, the CBTM, or Communication Based Training Method, restructures the classroom and teaching methodology in a way that few styles or systems have codified.  The CBTM puts the student first, the teacher second, and the results will ‘wow’ any martial artist.