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Podcasts are amazing as they expand our message and more people find out about the work of Pramek.  It also invites criticism, some just, some not, and trolls…and I posted a few comments on our Facebook.  I’ve gotten more feedback and I feel some of the comments made warrant a further extent.


Rob has done a lot of great stuff for the firearms community and that community certainly owe him a debt.  But, in terms of combatives and unarmed self-defense, I don’t consider Rob to be an authority anymore than he would consider me to be a firearms authority.  I’m not under obligation to be nice or pull punches…I don’t do business with Rob and he doesn’t do business with me.

So, when I got some crap about last night saying being able to fight is more important than being fit, it was in response to what Rob had apparently stated.  In my mind, self-defense and fitness aren’t intertwined.

‘Fitness’ is a buzzword…that’s all it is.

Someone define ‘fitness’.  What is fitness? What’s the metric? Aerobic? Anaerobic? Is it an amount you should be able to lift? Is it personal…psychological?

I know a lot of strong people with limited range of motion – are they fit?

I know a lot of strong people with limited range of motion – are they fit?

I know a lot of really fit people with horrible joints – are they fit?

What’s the heart rate metric for self-defense for resting and under stress? Where’s my fitness program for that? How about diet…? What is fitness?  

If fitness was so vital to self-defense the self-defense industry would be incredibly fit because you couldn’t do one without the other…but it’s not related at all.

No one can tell me the metric for self-defense fitness, which is why I don’t consider the two to be tied.

One should be able to defend themselves regardless of physical condition…cholesterol doesn’t dictate your ability to survive a fight.  The first metric of self-defense is being able to survive a real-life situation…the second metric is being able to do so without having lasting psychological effects. Lifting kettlebells and doing situps is like six slots down on the self-defense ladder.

…focus on a fight trainer first, a personal trainer second.

So, let’s be real, past the marketing and people wanting to sell products – can you defend yourself against threats you may encounter on your way to the gym?

If you can’t you need to be realistic and focus on a fight trainer first, a personal trainer second.  

As for people who got upset about me making fun of people ‘running around with kettlebells’ well, considering my fitness background and movement/mobility background, my work with Onnit, and my work developing MSF (which was actually for shooters and designed for shooter mechanics) …I know what I’m talking about more.

I didn’t see anyone else do something like MSF – I see a bunch of people lifting kettlebells and box-jumping while shooting…or doing mountain climbers and calling ‘tactical’ and that’s just not right.  Get over it…MSF is a superiour fitness/shooting training system I did to see if I could do it, I did it, and then I moved on because I’m not a shooter and it’s not what I want to do for a living. Feel free to copy it.  We designed a fitness system about deploying from a cruiser…that’s cool stuff, and something some guy with a protein shaker and faux-hawk doesn’t understand.

If you haven’t been to Pramek before or worked with our products…we think differently than other systems and are proud of it.

We’re also blunt…

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