Warrior Mode Training


Warrior Mode – Full Basic Training Video with Module 1 and 2.

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Warrior Mode – Full Basic Training Video with Module 1 and 2.

In this one hour video, you will be learning 3 challenging basic programs on body-weight that focuses on 3 levels of fitness training. Erik “Esik” Melland will be taking you through:

– Stability
– Mobility
– Stability and Mobility

Level 1: Stability, to stay in structure and holding form into position by tolerating total activation of the body.

Level 2: Mobility will help you gain repetitions while maintaining form to increase range of motion in unilateral and asymmetrical movements.

Level 3: Stability and Mobility training to help you gain the maximum results you are working for in this program.

For each drill you get a detailed instructional, follow along’s/review, and 3 levels of decompression training to release tension and areas that hold restrictions to your movement.

This full video is great for beginners and those who are already into fitness. There will be series of videos on Warrior Mode body-weight training to further advance your skills. Warrior Mode is a part of Pramek to provide fitness to those that are looking to improve strength by body-weight exercise.

Includes in this set is Warrior Mode 1 and Warrior Mode 2 training modules!