The squeaky wheel…

I’ve often hear ‘WD-40 fixes everything’, or ‘duct tape fixes everything’.

Over the years camping and hiking I don’t think there are many things I haven’t tried to fix with duct tape, and in the house, don’t get me started on what I’ve attempted to fix using some WD-40.

But, let’s be honest – duct tape doesn’t actually stop the leak in the pipe and it doesn’t fix the rip in the tent fabric. WD-40 doesn’t fix the squeak, and it doesn’t get rid of scratches on glass or your cellphone (trust me, I tried on my old iPhone years ago).

Recently I heard a statistic – that 3% of people who buy personal growth products actually stick with them. I started to extrapolate this out into martial art long-term learning and engagement – true engagement, come to a seminar level engagement. I’m not talking about conversion rates on the website, how many people exit from a page versus click through. Those numbers are paid attention to by people trying to sell something – me, Pramek, we are trying to help lives and change outlooks, and how many people stick with it and keep going and come back year after year to Pramek? On a website that averages 11K visits a month, that’s 330 people a month we may truly reach. Now, if I take back into account those conversions, click thrus, whatever-etcs., it’s more than 3%, but based on what I see in other industries, anything over 3% on a consistent basis is a blessing.

Why is that? Why is 3% seemingly that magic number?

People keep trying to fix what isn’t broken.

They are putting duct tape on bad mechanics; WD-40 on the part of their life that seems worse. It’s easier to fix what isn’t broken, til being broken catches up again.

So, right now, here is what I want you to do to fix yourself.

Nothing. I don’t want you to do anything. Too often we focus on the how, the process, the goal, but not the actual target of it – it’s like you feel like your strikes aren’t getting off on time, so you start changing your whole stance, footwork, and shoulders when you really only needed to change your reaction time drills. You’re active, but you aren’t productive. When we focus on the how – buying personal growth books, more striking videos from 20 different arts, whatever is actually wrong gets further and further buried under all the fixes of the wrong issues.

Instead, the next time you think ‘I need to change’, instead of searching for a how, for right now, I want you to focus on something you are good at. Why? Because the new course, Confidence, is coming in the next few weeks. You’ve tried everything else, right? What do you have to lose waiting a little longer, focusing on the good parts, getting Confidence, and seeing if it helps you.

My point is – don’t fix yourself just to fix yourself. Let’s target what needs fixing and I think this new course is going to get you there. So, to get ready for it, first you gotta know it’s coming.

Right now, just get on the Newsletter, follow the Youtube, follow IG and Facebook. Then, that itch, that ‘something is wrong’ feeling you wanna scratch – don’t – you already tried, you already have multiple books, videos, whatever it is. It’s not working – instead and look for what you do right in life and make that better and in a couple weeks, with Confidence, see if the course can help you.

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