Why I train

I don’t train for the looks or the muscles.

I train for the one time I almost lost.
I train for when my partner might almost lose and needs me more than ever.

I train so I don’t get tired lifting the kids at the school when we visit.
I train so that that one kid I might not have lifted will remember it when it’s time to do right.

I train so I’m faster than the bad guy who runs.
I train so my will to catch him, forged in the gym, is stronger than his will to get away.

I train so no one will ever question if I’m up to the task.
I train so I’m up to the task and don’t let my brothers and sisters down.

I train for that one door no one can budge.
I train so I’m mentally ready for what lies on the other side.

I train in the light and the dark.
I train so I’m never scared of the dark and my skills don’t deteriorate.

I train with my equipment on, even when people stare.
I train so when they stare on the street, I’m quick and I set a good example.

I train because society holds me in my job to a higher standard.
I train because I hold myself to a higher standard.

We all train for a purpose, so we make the mission the purpose so we might always succeed.


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