The science of MSF

Before we released Cruiser Ready we ran a brief control group because we wanted some feedback.
The most common feedback we got was a statement:
‘Oh yea this works…why?’ from officers who tried The Rookie.

Non officers asked, ‘Why all seated?’

After a few months, the Rookie workout still gives me an awesome workout…I don’t even have to move to The Sarge or LT. I did Rookie Code One tonight…30lb KB and 18 minutes. Tomorrow, Code 2…can’t wait.

Why I train

I don't train for the looks or the muscles. I train for the one time I almost lost. I train for when my partner might almost lose and needs me more than ever. I train so I don't get tired lifting the kids at the school when we...

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Tissue Health & Adaptive Stress in Firearms Training

For an organism to function normally and effectively, it is necessary that the biochemical processes of its tissues operate smoothly and conjointly in a stable setting. The endocrine system provides an essential mechanism called homeostasis that integrates body activities and at the same time ensures that the composition of the body fluids at the tissue level remains constant. However, high stress, even adaptive stress can produce biochemical changes – thus changing the environment for this equilibrium to be maintained.

Changes in the relative level of physical stress cause a predictable adaptive response in all biological tissue; which can result in adhesions, stiffness, higher risk of injury and reduced performance through movement compensation. Our bones are meant to float in our body; and when we consider tissue management, we need to also be reminded that there are 4 layers of tissue that combine to form organs, yet tissue health is often overlooked.

Recently talking to an officer in Texas the topic of diet came up. He wanted to drop some extra pounds but didn't know how to do it. 'I feel like it's some magic formula.' I asked him, 'You ever keep a diet longer than 3...

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Rotational Range Exercise

One of the fundamentals of both movement and performance is the ability to rotate effectively from the trunk. For officers and military it is absolutely necessary for the safety of the job; but wearing protective gear naturally restricts both thoracic movement and optimal breath mechanics. So when you’re off duty ensure to reset natural alignment.

One of the greatest area’s of dysfunction we see in our officers is the reduction in rotational range in the thoracic spine. This can not only impede breathing mechanics and rotational patterning, but can also increase the natural cycle of anxiety in the health of our tissue and reduce ones ability to react swiftly.

The T-Spine Rotation exercise is a primitive drill; yet a highly effective one.