Recently I was reading an article about space and how humans should be looking for our species to survive in space, past earth, as one day earth will be inhabitable.  In the comment section a comment read, ‘Why? We’ll just screw those places up too…it’s human nature.’

It got me thinking…what is this ‘human nature’ we all hear about – and is it evil?

In UNDO we talk at length about the habits that create our lives.

Our psychology and neurology are affected by everything we do each day.  The more we do certain acts – the more the actions guide who we become.  We are always in the process of becoming, as ‘becoming’ is a mountain with no peak.  It’s a state we live in – ever changing, ever evolving.  We climb and climb and up until the moment we die on that big mountain called life, we are becoming something else.  But, when we combine our fears from the past with our psychology (mindset) and neurology (habits), we can sadly become someone we don’t even recognize – cringing at circumstances or allowing things in our lives we never would have in the past.  Nothing, no one, no one thing conditioned you to be the way that you are – in reality, you conditioned yourself when you allowed the person you wanted to become be outshined by the person you are day to day.  I’ve been there, I know the feeling.

But, there is one weapon that God gave us that we rarely implement.  The tool is free-will.  Think back to UNDO and how we become guided by our themes, which are behaviors that become the underlying reason for our success and our failure in life.  We even list them out in the workbook.  These themes become part of our psychology, it’s how we think.  Then we repeat them enough that they become our habits, our neurology…our brain wiring. Soon we are living the life of the person we once were, at that one moment in time, when things went wrong and we reacted or accepted.  That one moment set in motion a new way of living.  But, free-will, if we grasp it…if we choose to exercise it…we can create something truly amazing.

We can create our own human nature.

How often do you hear the comments like the one in the space article about human nature that make you shudder?  Seriously, it’s a space article, but we are so programmed to think badly of ourselves, from religion to the news, we assume the worst in ourselves, our ‘human nature’.  Human nature is ‘cruel’, it’s ‘selfish’, it’s ‘mean’.  It’s tough to look anywhere in the world and see ‘human nature’ and not recoil at what people are capable of.  

But people are not you.

By it’s nature ‘human’ is an individual word, nature meaning a way of being and living.  

You are not people – you are you, an individual, a human, with all of your amazing talents and incredible gifts, ready to exercise free-will and use those talents and gifts.

Free will gives you the ability to perform a sort of personal alchemy.  We mix the chemicals like psychology, neurology, physiology, etc. to change a life that you might not like into a life that you want to lead and love.  The kind of life you want to wake up every morning, like I have at Windsong when I go jump in the ocean to wake up!  Then I get started on a day where the clocks are all wrong but the thoughts and experiences are all right.

You have the ability to start new habits, learn new concepts, find new ways of living that are different from the old.  A wise woman once told me that every morning you wake up is a new life tofree-will live. Sleep is the closest we can get to death so when you wake up it’s a new life.  Yesterday is done and now you are left with the a new mirror to look in. A fresh mirror you haven’t seen before – down to that new gray hair.  In that mirror moment, in every moment, you can make a decision to have a new human nature.  If everything we do creates who we become then we can do things every day that create the person we want to be.  I don’t know about you but I want my human nature to be compassionate, fun loving, smiling, successful.  I want to be a force for good, after being a force for less than good, for so long.  I want to be pushing those around me to be better and letting them push me to learn more about myself.  

How awesome of a life statement is that?  The cool thing is – you can actually do the damn thing and create a new human nature…psychology then neurology.  Embrace it and do it enough it becomes a habit.  

So, now you know all this…the question is, what will you do with it???

What will you with your next new life, the time between shut-eye, the time you are ‘awake’.  Will you be open to the world, all that it has to teach you, approach everything from a new perspective? Will you get past the past, and undo the ties to yesterday and only keep the things that drive you forward to be the person you want to be?

You got it, you understand it…now, go pick one thing you don’t like about yourself today and instead of trying to change it – do something new in it’s place.  Try something new you have never done when you want to fall back on what the past-self would have done.  If you like it, do it again if it fits…and if you don’t like it, try something else.

That’s human nature…it’s individual, it’s you, what you choose, and if you tell enough people, maybe it’ll become mankind nature, which is much more fitting.

Create your own human nature, change your human nature, reflect on your human nature.

It’s yours, no one else’s.

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