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  • 2007…an interesting year.

    In 2007 I taught at Fl Bliss for various military units. I was at the cusp of realizing I was far gone from RMA, Kadochnikov Style, but still wrestling with the elements of what worked and what did not.

    At this seminar, unbeknownst to the participants, I decided Pramek was not ready for public release…

    I was seeing areas that would become equilibrium, the CLM, more functional wedging, etc. But, in true 480 style from 2007, the seminar was filmed in it’s entirety.

    After this seminar I taught once more because I was booked, in Washington state…and then stopped teaching publicly until 2011.

    It took 4 years to figure out where things were and were not, weaknesses, how to be open to what I was doing right and wrong.

    But, it was still a great seminar.

    Many systems would be happy with their lead instructor being able to perform like this – but I wasn’t.

    Can you spot the beginnings of Pramek?

  • The nature of contact.

    Last year in Salinas we had the question…
    ‘Why do you say contact instead of a grab.’
    In this video Matt discusses the difference.

  • This week’s virtual class: takedowns

    Welcome to class…in this class, we talk take downs – taking last week’s class and bringing it strike defense.

    Topics include in this over 45 minute class
    – Using the foot as a rotation point
    – Finding clarity in the face of strikes
    – Levers against the legs and lower body
    – Why you should dive and not pick up the leg
    – ‘Climbing’ the body – what to do after the take down
    – Joint center mass in the clinch
    – Effective low body attacks and strategies
    – Using the shoulder to position the legs
    Ground work, positional dominance, submissions, strikes, Onnit routines and more…

    $10 for 45 minutes!

  • What is Transitional Lethal Tactics

    Welcome to TLT…Transitional Lethal Tactics.
    Dr. John Landry, who gained his PhD in adult learning and was editor for two our our CLM manuals, has more than 25 years of law enforcement experience, spanning from patrol to detective, undercover, SWAT, and law enforcement academy director.

    Dr. Landry and Matt (our founder) have coordinated together for years on developing the CLM. In 2014 they began to work on taking what Dr. Landry has taught for years…a POST accepted unarmed lethal tactics program…for civilians.

    This program is called TLT, or Transitional Lethal Tactics.

    Here’s the first video on Youtube.

    You can listen to an interview with Dr. Landry on our podcast at http://pramek.com/lectures/

    Matt Powell and Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics, coordinating with Dr. Landry, will be releasing numerous videos geared for the CCW and LEO community.

    What’s the difference between TLT and other programs?

    Many programs taught by Law Enforcement are geared for Law Enforcement…then taught to civilians.
    This poses a problem, as many times Defensive Tactics programs do not fit the civilian mold. Developed for officers who have a high numbers of tools to subdue an opponent, as well as strict guidelines on fore, civilians are judged by a different standard. Many times defensive tactics programs are years behind the current knowledge on self-defense for civilians.

    Most importantly, law enforcement programs rarely teach lethal tactics beyond firearms.

    Dr. Landry has changed this in the LE community, developing with other doctors a comprehensive programs for law enforcement taught to officers in a major US state.

    But, at Pramek and as LE officers, we understand that there is a fine line between teaching for self-defense and exposing law enforcement tactics that the general public should not know.

    Enter, TLT.

    TLT, under the guidance of Dr. Landry, combined his programs with Pramek’s combatives methods and CLM…giving firearms owners a modern method of defending themselves based on decades of research, experience, and training in the law enforcement community.

    We look forward to working further with Dr. Landry on the TLT program.

  • This week’s virtual class

    For sale in the shop now for $10!

    30 minutes of instruction, including:
    – What is ‘picking the lock’ in a grab release and the options it gives.
    – Turning grab releases into takedowns with two different transitions..
    – The mechanics of releases.
    – Levering to remove equilibrium.
    – Countering the counter attack.
    – Working against knives.
    – The importance of elbow control.
    – Kick defenses, the Load Bearing Area,
    creating force vectors, and more…


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