From physics to physiology...
For over a decade we’ve focused on using science to become more confident.

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From just a small garage to an international training organization… Pramek is not just martial art – it’s a way of looking at the world.

Btw, we still have the garage…

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FUNCTION: The 3 Hour Series

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What is kinematics? How do they effect martial art?
In FUNCTION – we take the deepest dive since The Helix into kinematics, biomechanics, and physiology of combat.

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What is kinematics? How do they effect martial art?
In FUNCTION – we take the deepest dive since The Helix into kinematics, biomechanics, and physiology of combat.

This is a UOS video and is heavy in science based instruction, with voice-overs and graphics to increase your retention.

In this video you will find how to make many of our UOS products work even more efficiently, as HEq, The Wedge, Combative Rotation, and others come to life with demonstrations and indepth discussions.

Video 1 – The Keystone – 1 hour, 15 minutes.
In this video, Matt walks you through the basics of kinematics and then how they affect combat.
Topics include
Basic kinematics, including rotation, joint function, movement
Function, Malfunction, and Hyperfunction in the body – and how to create each
Understanding Discomfort, Pain, and Injury in the body – and how to create each
Mechanical Forces of Destruction (Tension, Torsion, Compression, Shearing, combinations) – and how to create each

Example of the instruction in this series…


Video 2 – The Spine – 40 minutes
In this video, Matt gives you a basic introduction into Pramek’s vaunted ‘SAM’, or Spinal Attack Method.
Topics include
Spinal Anatomy
Spinal Kinematics with demonstration
Types of Spinal Injury
Results of Spinal Injury
Applying force vectors to the spine
Methods of attacking the spine to create injury

Video 3 – Rotation in Combat – 1 hour
In this video, Matt walks you through rotation in combat – from the clinch to striking to throws.
This video is heavy with graphical overlays and voice over instruction explaining indepth what is occurring in technique demostration
Topics include
Rotation in the clinch
Rotationg in strikes and grabs
Combining equilibrium removal and spinal attacks against rotation
Using your rotation to make an enemy ‘miss by an inch, miss by a mile’
Indepth sequences teaching you to teach
Practice drills for attacking rotations

…and much more…

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UNDO: The Video Series

$50.00 $40.00

Ready to change your life?  This is the product!
Then be ready to UNDO the past and plan your future.

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Already have the book?  Then it’s time to add the video series to understand UNDO better!

Born from decades of research into success, business methods, psychology, and neurology…UNDO video instruction is a system like no other.

From the couch to the whiteboard to your headphones, Matt takes you through the process of UNDO in a way that only he can. Combining humor, science, and methodology – this series will take you over the top, teaching you how success actually works, changing your mindset, habits, and communication.

Video Topics include:

Video 1:  Sitting Down With Matt

– Getting Past the Past
– The Three Elements of Personal Transformation
– The history and science of UNDO
– Creating better choices for yourself
– How to use UNDO: The Book, The Workbook, and The Video Series
– Identifying Right Processes and Wrong Goals
– How you observe the world in real time, and why it’s important
– Why Most Personal Growth Systems fail…and how to succeed at UNDO
– Creating a Personal Process of Transformation so that it works for you

Video 2:  UNDO Phases 1, 2, 3

– How to keep an effective notebook to track your ideas and change
– The elements of success and how to identify them
– How your brain works against you in creating a success
– The nature of the mind and how to change your memory of events
– How success and failure work in your everyday life…down to your habits
– Putting science of failure and success to work for you
– Understanding why you fail, not what you fail at
– The quickest way to fix start succeeding instead of failing at goals

Video 3:  UNDO Phases

– Creating correction actions to fixed the ‘why’ of you failures
– Developing goals you can achieve
– Goal Reality Checks – the nature of goal development
– ‘Inserting yourself into success’ – finding out how to achieve your goals instantly
– Total Goal Organization – how it works and the easiest way to organize your goals
– Success Capital – using what you have right now to achieve goals quickly
– Creating your own legacy and your 5 year plan

and so much more….