For over a decade Pramek has pushed the cutting edge of the martial art world, combining movement, science, and constant evolution...creating a true scientific method of training under stress.  Founded in Atlanta in 2004, Pramek has grown from a garage training group to a world-wide movement with it's own learning system, dozens of instructional products, and seminars throughout the world.  

With a history of innovative products and programs, Pramek is a cutting edge combative system with a proud history, development,  and expansion.

Our internally developed learning system, the Conceptual Learning Method (CLM) is based on pure teaching science, PhD approved, and tested by thousands.

Science is the unfair advantage.  This is why Pramek products, from fighting to movement, are based around science first, science second, science third.



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The Pulse (free video)

If you’ve never seen the Pulse, be ready to understand why Pramek is such a different system of training than any other. While many systems talk about ‘biomechanics’ and ‘efficiency’, Matt breaks down the concepts into easy to understand bites in this video from 2012 – detailing the nature of energy, efficiency, and movement in […]


Matt now resides in Albuquerque, NM. If you are looking to train in Northern NM, contact Matt at


Where myths go to die

Last year we did a lot of knife videos. I was extremely proud of our Virtual Class on Knife Defense. as well as the videos we did with Sage Dynamics on the subject – especially the reality of disarming a knife, as seen here where I attempt to disarm a knife from Chris’s hands. I […]

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