This is not a hobby.

For the thousands of Pramek practitioners around the world, Pramek is not a hobby - it's a mindset, a way of training, a way of thought.  In over a decade Pramek has gone from a garage group to a world wide organization.  Pushing the cutting edge of the martial art world, combining movement, science, and constant evolution...Pramek has created a true scientific method of training under stress it's own learning system, dozens of instructional products, and seminars throughout the world.  

With a history of innovative products and programs, Pramek is a cutting edge combative system with a proud history, development,  and expansion.

Our internally developed learning system, the Conceptual Learning Method (CLM) is based on pure teaching science, PhD approved, and tested by thousands.

Science is the unfair advantage.  This is why Pramek products, from fighting to movement, are based around science first, science second, science third.



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20 minutes – using the knife

The statement ‘stab them in the face’ has gotten quite popular as of late – with Pramek students spreading it, podcasts repeating it, and the 2A/firearms crowd beginning the say it at seminars. So, why not publish some of the video that started it?  In these excerpts from the hour long video, Matt walks private […]

FEAR – a new defintion

It’s time for a new definition of FEAR. False Expectation of Assumed Reality. I’ve seen the acronym defining FEAR a lot of different ways.  Most of the time it’s related to self-defense.  In working on this article I wanted a definition of fear to work from. If we look at the dictionary defition, it’s: an […]

CLM and Sword Work

Instructor Cody Skillen, of Winnipeg, works through sword drills utilizing the CLM. Listen closely to the instruction! Here’s some notes from Cody: Most ‘systems’ are technique menus in need of reverse engineering to revive the essence of them. to do this you need to develop proper practice. A good drill has a few criteria 1) […]

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