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New on the Blog

  • The Wheel and Axle

    Our interactive manual, Combative Rotation, raises so many great questions.
    Loaded with pages of diagrams, science, and embedded video, it’s a game changer for your teaching and skill.
    Recently some of these questions came up at a Pramek seminar, and Matt took two hours demonstrating and helping.
    We often just hand students the camera at seminars (or put a go-pro on their head) and let them film and ask.
    We have a lot of footage from this seminar, and we want to begin sharing it with you.
    Here’s an example:

    Want to see the manual?



  • The notch strike

    This is a fight stopper our combatives fans will enjoy, from our upcoming TLT series.
    The strike was done at 40% strength and carefully on a very capable student.
    This is a strike you must be careful in training and we assume no liability by your training or use.


Latest Podcast

  • EP 36: The Problem with Martial Art
    EP 36: The Problem with Martial Art

    There is a problem with martial art these days…but it might not be what you think.

    Over a decade teaching, 4 books on martial art learning published, and hundreds of videos produced…Matt might know a thing or two about the martial art industry.

    But, there is a problem in the martial art community, but it’s not what you might think.

    The problem is the internet…but how do we solve it?

    On this episode Matt discusses:

    – How to teach a proper seminar
    – The two problems with martial art: a lack of realism and the internet
    – The ‘Bullshido’ attitude and how to solve it
    – The Pramek CLM and how to properly teach martial art
    – Seminars, internet trolls, and so much more…

    Right Click and Download here.

    Click here to open a new window and listen.


Pramek Fitness

  • MSF Explosive Strength Drill 1

    People have asked for years, ‘When will Pramek release a full fitness program?’

    MSF answers this.  The brain-child of Matt Powell, MSF is Mission Specific Fitness.
    A new website and program specifically geared for civilians and law enforcement, this is a program unlike any other.

    Have a taste, and go by MSF to check out more!


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