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  • Cruiser Ready Releases

    Mission Specific Fitness Presents: Cruiser Ready, Levels 1, 2, 3.

    Designed by cops for cops, Cruiser Ready is over 42 exercises specifically designed to create a functional fitness program that law enforcement, civilian shooters, fire fighters, and first responders can use to increase:

    1. Increased range of motion and power generation, while remaining ‘Sciatica Safe’ and strengthening the back and lower lumbar
    2. Enhancing joint mobility to give you greater movement potential, strength, and flexibility
    3. Movement coordination, getting quicker in and out of vehicles, and quicker on mission with fast paced exercises and drills

    On Sale Now!

    In this product you get:
    – Level 1 video – Kettlebell exercises for power generation & range of motion
    – Level 2 video – Steel Club exercises to enhance endurance and joint mobility
    – Level 3 video – Movement Drills – movement drills combining Level’s 1 & 2
    – CR Manual – 13 pages of explanations, a full lexicon of Cruiser Ready work outs
    – Three 5 week sample workouts to follow with detailed instruction
    – 3 Audio MP3 Lectures on MSF

    This is a full workout routine that will challenge beginners and advanced students, while working specifically to make your better on the job and on mission.

    Buy It Now!



  • That RMA video…

    (originally published on September 28th, 2014)

    This one is a long time coming and needs to be written. Flame war, engage. But this is about business, not people or personalities.

    As many know from the Pramek Radio podcast, I am not a fan of EFO or empty force methods. I have even said publicly for a decade I don’t doubt such things exist, but as a means of defending one’s self…I think it’s something that should not be taught. That being said, I’ve been innundated with FB and email requests asking me to explain a video.

    Let me first say I have never trained with Mikhail Ryabko, Vasiliev, or in Systema. My time in the Russian styles, in the US and in Russia, was on the scientific side. After leaving the Russian styles, I focused on creating Pramek to further scientific application and study in the martial arts and how they are taught. But, my lessons from Russian style have never left me like any student honors their teachers by teaching what was good and avoiding what was bad.

    I was sent the below link in an email from someone that read:
    ‘Is this what you studied in Russia???’

    I clicked, thinking, ‘Ok, I’m gonna get Rick Rolled.’
    A friend of mine was in the kitchen and came running in, confusion on her face as I exclaimed very loudly, ‘What the hell is this shit?’

    I think we all have to ask this to keep a system, style, or teacher honest. A lot of other arts (I haven’t even looked at Bullshido or Cage Potato yet) will ask the question of this video, but those who have ties to Russian styles or study this art have to ask the same. These kinds of videos affect us all, as those who see ‘Russia’ or ‘RMA’ in our resume see these things and judge us based on the popularity of Systema as the predominant Russian style.

    Like it or not, the general martial art public, having viewed these kinds of videos, see us in this light.

    Anger in the past turned to frustration, and eventual embarrassment, when people brought these kinds of videos up to me. It was hard enough explaining the old videos of Mr. Kadochnikov knocking people down without touching them – but those videos are twenty-thirty years old now and explainable as cold-war propaganda, regardless of what the videos were actually demonstrating.

    But, what about this video?

    Continue reading →


Latest Podcast

  • EP 33: A Lot of Heart with Mark Cummings
    EP 33: A Lot of Heart with Mark Cummings

    10457733_10152227180496848_9133674276415484593_oThe first guest of the new Young Guns series, Mark Cumming is an inspiration to anyone who talks to him and hears his story.

    Born with physical disabilities that would stop most in their tracks, Mark is a major up and comer in the martial art world, combining his skill with his story, he’s a teacher on many levels, from how to fight to how to look at life with a positive outlook no matter the circumstance.

    Get ready to look at your own obstacles in a whole new light as Mark discusses how he’s overcome his disability and is setting the martial art community on fire!

    This week Matt talks the problem with ‘personal brands’, and talks to Mark about:

    – Turning a disability into an extraordinary ability
    – How to teach the perfect high kick, and how to learn one
    – What makes a great teacher for anyone
    – Whiskey hangovers, guns, cereal, and so much more…!

    Right Click and Download here.
    Click here to open a new window and listen.


Pramek Fitness

  • MSF Explosive Strength Drill 1

    People have asked for years, ‘When will Pramek release a full fitness program?’

    MSF answers this.  The brain-child of Matt Powell, MSF is Mission Specific Fitness.
    A new website and program specifically geared for civilians and law enforcement, this is a program unlike any other.

    Have a taste, and go by MSF to check out more!


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