Cleveland Seminar Review!

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December 10th and 11th,2011 Cleveland Pramek Seminar Review

Started with a trip to Home Depot Hehe. You will have to attend a seminar to find out why! Matt, Started the seminar with a brief history of his adventures in RMA and then how he progressed from Russian martial art to K-Sys, and ultimately, PRAMEK. Very informative and interesting!

We spent the day working on the Human Equilibrium module, Theory, Movement and Application! Everyone who attended learned how to SCIENTIFICALLY and MECHANICALLY take a human being down to the ground. Pramek lived up to the promise that you don’t have to waste 20 years learning how to get good at throws or takedowns! That is the trial and error method. That is a painful and a wasteful use of time. With Pramek it is all about the SCIENCE of how to take another Human being down while maintaining your own equilibrium. Matt’s instruction was unique in that he used what Dan Millman, Mind/Body coach calls the part-whole method. Which is breaking things downs into small parts so you can perform the whole picture well. As Matt wrote on his Blog, Pramek uses a progressive educational approach. He wasn’t lying! We practiced moving an enemy through the three planes of movement to get them down, and how to keep our own equilibrium by working with the concepts of balancing, compensating, and dampening. There was greatness in the details. Attend a Pramek Seminar, or attend a local Pramek class if you can.

Day Two:

Woah, what a mental, and physical challenge! We learned about the Helix & the Gear. We learned how to rotate our joints point by point, transition to the ground quickly and effectively, and how to move safely on the ground. We learned how to properly perform the Helix Warm-up, move around the points of rotation, Squat efficiently with out wasting energy, clear an area before you roll, move around the ground using our “Gears”, etc. We learned to move precisely like MACHINES and ROBOTS!

Final thoughts:

We have all seen MATT perform Pramek with powerful precision on the youtube videos, and the Pramek videos (available for purchase at but until you experience it through training you haven’t done PRAMEK! As cool as it is to watch Matt Powell perform PRAMEK it is even cooler for YOU to do PRAMEK. The real take away from the SEMINAR for me is that through SCIENCE you can do PRAMEK. At our seminar everyone achieved varying degrees of success with the Human equilibrium, Helix & the Gear modules. Some people did better than others with the material taught to us but no one left not knowing how to do PRAMEK. BOTTOM LINE: If you can’t perform something today in PRAMEK but you learn the SCIENCE of PRAMEK you can do Pramek better over time!

Matt, Thank you for leaving us with years of knowledge and I know we can do this because the SCIENCE has been taught to us in CLEVELAND to do PRAMEK! Looking forward to training with you as we become more scientifically sound with our daily PRAMEK practice! See you in the near future as strong Pramek practitioners.

-Steve Lardieri, Cleveland DLP Pramek Group Leader

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