Creating space…

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This week Matt goes through creating space in a frontal bear hug or grab! Matt and Kristina cover the basics… 1) Creation of space; 2) Attacking the face to create further space and secondary attacks for the face; 3) Escape.. Footwork is key here, folks, so we continue to discuss footwork throughout. There are two […]

F3 Releases

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This isn’t a fitness video of people lifting weights holding a pistol – this video combines the scientific process of CCIA (Combine, Coordination, Integrate, Assimilate) from Pramek with the firearms instruction of Sage Dynamics.  F3 is a method of fitness that constantly reinforces proper technique while making a shooter faster, more accurate, and stronger. Matt […]

Shearing: The push/pull method (video)

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The push/pull method of breaking balance is a popular one – but doesn’t always work effectively. Many use it, but in real life, it crumbles under the stress of a resistant enemy or opponent. In this video from our recent Salinas, CA seminar at Wolf Fitness Systems, we show the steps to effectively using the […]

Breaking Balance – the video preview (video)

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The video preview to ‘Breaking Balance:  The Science of Human Equilibrium’ has arrived! This manual is truly universal and applicable to any martial art – because it is built on the science of physics! With over an hour of embedded videos and pages of notes, diagrams, and instruction – this interactive manual is unlike any […]

Breaking Balance for a bad back…

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My family has bad backs.  I’ve grown up with it and in my 20’s I began having back problems. The problem becomes in your 20’s, when you’re invincible, you don’t worry about it…in your 30’s you begin to.  If you’re me, you just take the pain as it comes.  You hurt, you cut back on […]


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I often watch movies that have an older theme.  Not the black and whites, as they tend to have poor acting as opposed to today’s learned actors who have gone through many schools to learn method acting and the like.  I watch them because I feel a sense of nostalgia for day’s long gone. I watch […]

A blue gun isn’t a real gun….

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This blog post is related to an earlier blog post on female security. But, the most important point is that the blue gun is not a real gun.  Most martial arts train blue guns and fake guns constantly.  This leads to unrealistic training methods, and massive numbers of disarms which are not realistic, nor attainable […]