Science. A head start.

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  Recently I read a post by an MMA instructor stating, ‘Why are people making things more difficult than they are?  Punch someone in the face…a punch is a punch, a face is a face.  It’s not all this biomechanics and thought.  Don’t overcomplicate what you are doing.’ I chuckled, wondering how many times this […]

What if you are attacked at your vehicle?

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Defense around Vehicles has arrived.  What if someone tried to assault, carjack, kidnap, or rape you at your vehicle? What would you do? We take video instruction to a whole new level, with ‘Training Freeze’, lectures, real world scenarios with Spartan Training Gear, and the most up to date methods of surviving an attack at […]

The Frolov Device

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Famous American Martial Arts instructor recognizes the power of breathing exercises Matt Powell, a successful martial arts instructor from the USA kindly shared his experience on using the Frolov device: «I began using the Frolov device in 2000 in coordination with my martial art training. I heard it mentioned by a teacher of mine and decided to buy one. I noticed the benefits immediately for my overall respiratory health. I just […]

Becoming the alpha male / female

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From ‘It is not enough to think we own the ground we stand on.  A criminal or aggressor is not a psychic reading our thoughts – they must read what they see.  When they see a confident individual they must decide if they will come into the space that the confidence exists within and […]

Combative Striking

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Strategy?  Biomechanics?  Distraction? Power development?  Proper form? It’s all here – in 4 hours of education.  Combative Striking is the ultimate in innovation for striking.   Want to learn ‘ballistic striking?’  It’s here.   Want to learn how to create a ‘fatal funnel?’  It’s right here.   Want to learn the mechanics of a proper […]