How do I listen to the podcast?

How do I listen to the podcast?

So you want to listen to Pramek radio…but you aren’t sure how.

You have three options:

1. Listen to it while you search.
If you want to listen while you search, it’s easy. Just click the ‘Click Here to Open in a New Window and Listen‘ below the episode.

2. Download it and listen to it
Want to download it and listen later, or load it on a listening device…just click ‘Right Click and Download here‘ below the episode.

3. On your phone or mobile device
Want to go mobile? Add us to your subscriptions? Great! There are two ways:
A. The easiest way is go to and subscribe now the way you want.  We give you plenty of options to subscribe.
B. Want an easy Itunes shortcut? Go to and subscribe on your Itunes!

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