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From Matt:

Everyone knows that I’m a do it yourself, DIY type of guy.
But, with the growth we’ve experienced this year – it was time to take a few weeks and really hone our focus.
Working with FlexedMedia, along with our students, Distance Learning Groups, and staff, we went full into a new Pramek for the future.
You’ll notice we have a lot of new features.
Our SHOP – our equipment, manuals, and books. We have gone digital, and will only being doing limited DVD runs. Everything is now downloadable. You can buy and download the videos from the site in a secure format and have the material in your hands quickly…to start training now.
The Culture page really tells you what we are about – where we’ve come from, what we are.
Our Train page makes it easy to pick how you want to train – DLP, Seminar, Clinics.
And, we have narrowed our focus to core training courses. All of which are video and seminar based.
The UOS – our Universal Operating System – the sciences of combat.
Our SSP – the Pramek combatives method.
And WASP – which releases in January 2012 – the first of it’s kind full spectrum women’s self-defense system.
As well as the SPIKE – which we will be updating.
You will also see the video shop reflect this coming soon with UOS or SSP denoted on the video so you know which you are getting. If you are a BJJ school and want to understand Equilibrium, but not worry with Pramek’s combatives work – you’ll know which videos to buy.
Our coordination with our sister company, SpetzGear has led to a whole range of new equipment we are actively helping to design. Our shop reflects the spikes, holsters, and soon gear bags and training clothing!

We are very proud to have this brand new site and everything that goes with it….keep an eye out, it’s updating with more information daily!

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