A Distance Learning Program

It’s official…a Distance Learning Program.

You can download the .pdf here

A few notes on this. We do have rules and guidelines, but unless you are a member of our forum they will not be public until July 15th.

Secondly, we will not accept applications until July 15th – I want to wait for the release of The Wedge and give people time to dig into our rules and guidelines, ask questions, think about it, talk about it, and make an informed decision.

The one thing that will stand out to you is: structure. It’s what most people who are teaching in one city, and have satellite students lack. They put out videos, they put out products – but they don’t tell you how to learn it all. You just have a bunch of videos and then they say, ‘Ok, pay $500 for this seminar and I’ll show you 40% of what you are supposed to do.’

We do not work that way – and our DLP will reflect it.

If you want to wait until July 15th to get the full details, great. If you want them now, check out our forum, join up, and download the rules and guidelines and join in our discussion.

And if you’re a school or teacher who’s been thinking about how to do a DLP – don’t copy our stuff . Hit me up, let’s talk, and maybe I can help you design yours.

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