EP 30: Modern Combatives with Matt Larsen

[su_note note_color=”#d3d3d3″] EP 30: Modern Combatives with Matt Larsen


Known as the father of modern US Army Combatives, Matt Larsen, for more than 20 years, has revolutionized not only the combatives world, but the martial art and training world.

Taking real world experience and combining with a streamlined thought process for survival, Larsen is a resource and leader in the combatives and martial art world.

Having not talked in a while, Powell and Larsen turn on the firehose cover the waterfront on training.

This week Matt talks with Matt Larsen about:
– The history of modern Army combatives
– The lessons learned in how to teach soldiers you can use today
– Firearms, and the reality of shooting vs. fighting
– Knife fighting, striking, and the nature of real combat
– Cars, rifles, hunting, and much more…

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