EP24: The FAQ with Matt Powell

[su_note note_color=”#d3d3d3″] Episode 24: Pramek Radio FAQ with Matt Powell 

A lot of people have been asking questions, emailing them, tweeting them…most importantly:

Is Matt still gonna do the solo format?

Definitely.  There are so many questions Matt gets asked about Pramek Radio guests that they gotta be answered!

On this week’s episode, Matt checks in from his hotel room in Mobile AL and off-the cuff answers the following questions:

– Where do coaches fit into the instructor/teacher paradigm
– What happens when we emasculate men and boys?
– Did UFC create a martial art paradigm shift…and was it a good one?
– What is the nature of combatives?
– What is more important: movement, theory, or application?

– Matt’s thoughts on energy work, over-reliance on weapons, and many more!

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