EP27: About Combat with Kelly McCann

[su_note note_color=”#d3d3d3″] EP27: About Combat with Kelly McCann

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Few people have shaped the study of combat in modern times like Kelly McCann. His training, experience, and methodologies have been pushing the world of combat training for decades.  From the Jim Grover series to the world renowned Crucible, Kelly McCann is the authority on combatives.

This is a blockbuster, hard hitting interview you will listen to again and again.


This week Matt applies combatives to life and talks to Kelly about:
– What is combatives at it’s core and what it means to Kelly McCann
– The lessons learned from teaching thousands of people over decades
– Taking your firearms training to the realistic level with a few simple changes
– MMA, Boxing, and the science of combatives
– And much, much more…

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