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This week
EP42: Sharp Thoughts with Cody Skillen

Sharp weapon and sharp thoughts…this week’s episode of a great interview with Cody Skillen of Winnipeg Knightly Arts.

The lost art of sword training and blade is reborn in the works of many modern practitioners of the edged arts, and Cody Skillen is one of the leading new voices.

Studying for years, training, and teaching, Cody guides us through the history of the blade, methodology, mechanics, the CLM, and so much more.

Make sure to check out Cody’s site at:

On this episode Matt discusses:

– How writing is the first step to a legacy
– The history of edged weapons from clubs to kitana’s, Europe to the East
– The mechanics of edged weapons and how they can help modern martial art training
– The things you can learn today from a teacher like Cody to change your training
– Apple Jacks, The Rat Pack, and much more…

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Previous Podcasts
EP41:  Women’s Self Defense

Episode 41 is one for the ages…a realistic view of women’s self defense.

Too often women’s self-defense resembles a bad episode of the Oprah Winfrey show. It ignores the fact that women’s psychology is the first thing that has to be trained…everything else is secondary.

Based on a question from a student, Matt talks about the true nature of women’s self-defense.

On this episode Matt discusses:

– The structure of a women’s self defense class
– The number one rule of all women’s training…and why you can never break it.
– The brutal reality of women’s self-defense psychology.
– How not to cheat your students, male or female, in teaching technique…
– How you are teaching wrong, right, and how to fix it…

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EP40:  Nature of being a martial artist

10149439_10153919761935332_2000298347_nWe are back! Episode 40 kicks off with a bang with Matt discussing something many have forgotten.

Are you cool under pressure? Do you move like lightening? Do you have the fighting spirit? These are how people used to look at martial artists.

How do we reclaim this? How do make our martial art who we are, everyday, all the time.

On this episode Matt discusses:

– What’s new, fitness, a loss to the podcasting community, and Fitbit obsession.
– What movement, mindset, and spirit truly are – and how we can embody them.
– The loss of martial art movement to the fitness community – and retaking our movement.
– The 3 things you can do today to change how you do martial arts today.
– Music, Ralph Macchio, individualism, and so much more on this episode…

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EP39: Creating Better Students in 2015


How do we create better students in 2015?

2015 is the year of developing better students and instructors…and a lot of videos and books to be finished!

On this episode of Pramek Radio Matt digs deep into the concept of ‘be here’, while discussing the coming Pramek Membership site and the books he’s writing…

On this episode Matt discusses:

– The future of Pramek in 2015 and how the decision came about
– The new membership site, it’s structure, and what to expect
– The concept of ‘be here’, and how to apply it to your life
– The keys to being successful and Matt’s books discussing these topics
– Chocolate beers, Matt’s first vacation in 7 years, dogs chewing bones, and so much more…

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EP 38: Reclaiming Control

Matt PowellIs masculinity under attack? Are men truly in control of their lives?

On this episode Matt discusses the defining characteristic of a good martial artist…and person: control. From the nature of how we lose control to how we can reclaim it, Matt shows your the obstacles to your own control…from your boss to your brain.

With things you can do today to take back control to the worst hangover ever, we dig deep into the concept of what control truly is.


On this episode Matt discusses:

– The obstacles to masculinity in today’s society
– The way you see the world…and why it’s stopping you from being in control.
– How self-control gives you the edge, even when you don’t control the environment.
– 4 ways you can regain control over your life starting today.
– Sarah Jamieson, why martial art is the ultimate expression of learning, banana bread beer, and so much more…

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[audio: ep38reclaimingcontrol.mp3]
EP 37: Redlines and Technology

10599417_10101317027792791_6852037507718539299_nWhat are your red lines? When will you act? Are you really teaching your student properly?

On this episode Matt discusses the concept of the ‘redline’, and loses it (it was bound to happen) discussing the lack of true teaching in the martial art world.

Matt also discusses three technologies you can bring in to your training room today to create lasting students and better results.

On this episode Matt discusses:

– How do develop a redline for your personal action
– How to gather intelligence to know what to train for
– The CLM and how it teaches for street combat
– The three technologies you can use right now to have a better class
– SERIAL, Youtube, the future of Pramek Radio, and so much more…

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EP 36: The Problem with Martial Art

There is a problem with martial art these days…but it might not be what you think.

Over a decade teaching, 4 books on martial art learning published, and hundreds of videos produced…Matt might know a thing or two about the martial art industry.

But, there is a problem in the martial art community, but it’s not what you might think.

The problem is the internet…but how do we solve it?

On this episode Matt discusses:

– How to teach a proper seminar
– The two problems with martial art: a lack of realism and the internet
– The ‘Bullshido’ attitude and how to solve it
– The Pramek CLM and how to properly teach martial art
– Seminars, internet trolls, and so much more…

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EP 35: 2014 review and how to plan for 2015

As our board of directors, we felt it’s important to let you know where we have been…and where we are going.

On this episode Matt goes into a detailed review of 2014, how he planned the year in 2012, and how 2015 will shape out.

Giving advice on planning, Matt guides you through the thought process that is the creativity of Pramek.

In this year in the review special, Matt discusses:

– How 2014 was planned in 2012…and how you can plan that far in advance.
– The successes of Pramek and the failures no one knew about.
– Finding partnerships, even when they seem like they don’t exist.
– A sneak peak into 2015, advice on finances, and so much more on Pramek Radio…

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EP 34: Unplugging to Plug In

What would happen if you unplugged from the internet?

Matt did it, and then plugged back in – and tells you his experience. And it isn’t pretty.


But, he also gives you some tools to unplug from the internet and plug into your potential…from apps to software, mindset, to humor, if you think you may be ‘that guy’ or know ‘that girl’ this is definitely the episode for you.

This week Matt talks podcast changes as well as :

– The nature of unplugging and why many aren’t capable
– Candid insight into why social media and the web is addictive
– Replacement and substitutions for when you have unplugged
– Advise on software, schedules, and how to find your potential
– Tony Robbins groundhog day, anger at the internet, and so much more on Pramek Radio…

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EP 33: A Lot of Heart with Mark Cummings

10457733_10152227180496848_9133674276415484593_oThe first guest of the new Young Guns series, Mark Cumming is an inspiration to anyone who talks to him and hears his story.

Born with physical disabilities that would stop most in their tracks, Mark is a major up and comer in the martial art world, combining his skill with his story, he’s a teacher on many levels, from how to fight to how to look at life with a positive outlook no matter the circumstance.

Get ready to look at your own obstacles in a whole new light as Mark discusses how he overcame his disability and is setting the martial art community on fire!

This week Matt talks the problem with ‘personal brands’, and talks to Mark about:

– Turning a disability into an extraordinary ability
– How to teach the perfect high kick, and how to learn one
– What makes a great teacher for anyone
– Whiskey hangovers, guns, cereal, and so much more…!


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EP 32: The Nature of Mission Specific Fitness

6087218455_6a58f5f542_oMany fitness programs are designed by fitness pro’s for the first responder community…but what if people in that community developed a program?

You would have MSF, or Mission Specific Fitness.

The brain-child of Matt Powell, MSF is a new kind of fitness by those who understand what it is to work as LE, fire, or carry everyday.

This week Matt tries not to pass out from Thanksgiving dinner while talking MSF, including:
– What is MSF and how is it Mission Specific
– The MSF Pie and how to look at your fitness program
– Where many fitness programs go wrong for first responsers
– Thanksgiving coma’s, music, and much more…


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EP 31: Changing Mindset with Dr. John Landry

drlandryWith over 20 years in law enforcement, martial art, and a PhD…Dr. John Landry is a source of knowledge like few others.

From beat cop to police academy director, researcher to PhD, Dr. Landry has developed a variety of programs with the science and mindset of survival in mind.

Discussing his Non-Ballistic Deadly Force program, as well as the upcoming Pramek-TLT program, Dr. Landry will have you rewinding and listening to what he says.

This week Matt talks with Dr. Landry about:
– DT vs evolution: the nature of law enforcement training
– What is the nature of fighting and violence
– Why fighting matters and when you may not be able to use your weapons
– What kind of knife you should carry, karate in the streets, and much more…


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EP 30: Modern Combatives with Matt Larsen


Known as the father of modern US Army Combatives, Matt Larsen, for more than 20 years, has revolutionized not only the combatives world, but the martial art and training world.

Taking real world experience and combining with a streamlined thought process for survival, Larsen is a resource and leader in the combatives and martial art world.

Get ready for the informational firehose, as Powell and Larsen cover the waterfront on training. Learn more about Matt Larsen here

This week Matt talks with Matt Larsen about:
– The history of modern Army combatives
– The lessons learned in how to teach soldiers you can use today
– Firearms, and the reality of shooting vs. fighting
– Knife fighting, striking, and the nature of real combat
– Cars, rifles, hunting, and much more…

EP29: The Future of Pramek with Matt Powell




Do you set rules for yourself and others?

Do those rules stop you from moving ahead? This week Matt discusses breaking the rules and the future of Pramek, as well as some important realizations about the organization that will guide the next year.

Get ready for some big changes as Pramek prepares to move into new markets and new processes to bring the message of Pramek to a larger audience!

This week Matt discusses advice to new comers and talks to Steve about:
– The concept of rules and how they effect our lives
– The new direction of Pramek and how this direction came about
– What you can do today to change your attitude and life
– Fitness, firearms, combatives, science and much more…

EP28: The Grey Fox with Steve Aryan


A mainstay in the firearms and training community, Steve Aryan is an instructor with the student’s mind. Running multiple companies, Steve is an entrepreneur, teacher, and innovator with his own thoughts on training and how newcomers to any industry can get ahead.

Combining his experience from Grey Fox Security with his time as a competition shooter, Steve offers a unique view on teaching and training for reality.


This week Matt discusses advice to new comers and talks to Steve about:
– Close protection lessons from Africa with Greyfox Security
– The circles of plausibility in training
– What every newcomer and instructor should know about teaching
– Learning from others and how teaching is it’s own lesson
– Rice krispie treats, guns, and much more…

EP27: About Combat with Kelly McCann

images (3)

Few people have shaped the study of combat in modern times like Kelly McCann. His training, experience, and methodologies have been pushing the world of combat training for decades.  From the Jim Grover series to the world renowned Crucible, Kelly McCann is the authority on combatives.

This is a blockbuster, hard hitting interview you will listen to again and again.


This week Matt applies combatives to life and talks to Kelly about:
– What is combatives at it’s core and what it means to Kelly McCann
– The lessons learned from teaching thousands of people over decades
– Taking your firearms training to the realistic level with a few simple changes
– MMA, Boxing, and the science of combatives
– And much, much more…

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EP26: Warrior Mode with Erik Melland


He’s the king of bodyweight exercise, Pramek’s fitness coach, and now Onnit Head Coach – Erik ‘Esik’ Melland’s work is is challenging to even the top fitness teachers in the country.  Combining years of learning and training, Erik approaches fitness from a direction few can.

From music to being one of the up and coming fitness teachers through Onnit, Erik has an outlook on fitness unlike any other.

Check out Erik’s programs at


This week Matt avoids Ebola, and talks to Erik about:
– The keys to approaching new work out routines
– What the biggest killer of lifestyle changes is – and how to make sure you don’t fall victim
– Student questions and Erik’s answers about Warrior Mode products
– Onnit and Onnit Academy and the future of training


– Matt discusses food addiction and gives you advice on breaking your addiction today

 EP25: The Psychiatry of Combat with Dr. Brad Johns 


Dr. Brad Johns is a nationally known psychiatrist who brings a different point of view to combat training.  With a second degree black belt and a leader in Bando, Dr. Johns brings a perspective few have the education and experience can match in training for combat and sport.

Dr. Johns years studying have given him a unique perspective on your ego and sense of self – and how it makes you the martial artist, fitness enthusiast, professional, or shooter you are.

This 2 hour long episode will have you rewinding, pausing, Googling, and most of all – changing your thoughts on training, violence, and medicine.

This week Matt the distraction of the internet, and talks to Dr. Johns about:
– The ego and id, self, and how our higher mind can affect training and make it better
– Understanding how we can take control of our reactions today by understanding simple concepts
– How our past dictates our present and how we can get past bad experiences and use good ones
– The nature of the psychotic lone wolf killer – and can they be prepared for?
– Signal anxiety, creating the right mental models to react to threats and attacks
– PTSD, fast cars, Harvard weather, and so much more….

 Episode 24: Pramek Radio FAQ with Matt Powell 

A lot of people have been asking questions, emailing them, tweeting them…most importantly:

Is Matt still gonna do the solo format?

Definitely.  There are so many questions Matt gets asked about Pramek Radio guests that they gotta be answered!

On this week’s episode, Matt checks in from his hotel room in Mobile AL and off-the cuff answers the following questions:
– Where do coaches fit into the instructor/teacher paradigm
– What happens when we emasculate men and boys?
– Did UFC create a martial art paradigm shift…and was it a good one?
– What is the nature of combatives?
– What is more important: movement, theory, or application?
– Matt’s thoughts on energy work, over-reliance on weapons, and many more!

 Episode 23: Rounding the Edges with Paul VanDunk 


If you’re never seen Paul VanDunk shoot, you might not know what speed is. Respected by other instructors and students, Paul VanDunk is a master of firearms mechanics and making students fast.

Movement, refining movement, mastering mechanics…all play an important role for any fighter, athlete, or shooter that Paul VanDunk talks about in this week on Pramek Radio.

On this week’s episode Matt sprays icy hot instead of calimine lotion and talks to Paul about:

– How Paul got his start and when he noticed he was a good shooter
– The mechanics of fast, repeatable, accurate movement
– What is ’rounding the edges’ and how you can do it.
– Early indicators of childhood speed and skills.
– Internet masters, Red Dawn, Paul’s career as a professional gamer, and much more.

 Episode 22: Spartan Up with Marc Joseph 


When you create the best gear in the world for reality based training, you learn a thing or two.  This week, we talk to Marc Joseph, creator of Spartan Training Gear, to learn what that thing or two is.

As the creator of Spartan Training Gear, Marc has traveled the world teaching reality based combatives, seeing how people act when attacked, defending themselves, and using every bit of it to make some of the best gear in the world.


In this week’s episode, Matt finds a ‘chi machine’ and talks to Marc about:

– The history and design of Spartan Gear
– How Spartan Gear aids in training
– The mindset behind scenario training and how it affects students
– The After Action Report: what Marc has learned about reality based self-defense
– The flinch response, what strikes work, how to guide students in training…and much more.


 Episode 21: A Heroes Project with Jeff Kyle 


In the past few years, perhaps no other name brings up the emotions and conversations like the name Kyle.  Jeff Kyle, brother of Chris Kyle, board member of Heroes Project, instructor at TETATX, and Marine joins Matt Powell in a wide ranging discussion about his brother, the Kyle legacy, training and methodology.

Special guest interview, John Wolf, talks about his involvement in a major development with Onnit and the fitness community.



In this week’s episode, Matt shares hate mail and talks to Jeff about:

– The Kyle legacy and the Chris Kyle others didn’t know
– How training tourists affect training industry
– Dealing with distractions and training to win
– What Jeff would change about the 1911 and much more…

Episode 20: Hardware vs. Software with Aaron Cowan.


Aaron Cowan may be one of the most innovative tactical instructors to come into the training world in more than a decade. With his experience in military, law enforcement, and private security contracting, as well as being a natural teacher, Aaron’s style of tactical instruction is unlike any other.

Combining experience with science, and combining them into self-defense based training methods, Aaron has taken the tactical world by storm with his company Sage Dynamics.

In this week’s in-studio interview, Matt discovers a martial art from outer space and talks training with Aaron on topics including:

– Being a ‘science instructor’ and using science
– Startle response and the truth behind training it
– Why scientific knowledge is as important as physical training
– Making the most of fitness in training
– Aaron’s favorite gear, who he admires in the industry, and much more…

Episode 19: A Life of Valor, with Jeff Bramstedt.  

Jeff is a former Navy SEAL, Hollywood stuntman, teacher, pastor, and founder of the ministry sweeping the nation applying SEAL values to men’s issues:       Life of Valor.

Taking his incredible life experience, from being abandoned at birth to his years in the vaunted SEAL Teams, Jeff brings an entirely new different perspective to concept of being and living like a warrior.

This week we have a two part, two hour indepth interview with Jeff with topics including:

  • The three keys to training a SEAL anyone could use
    How to start everyday with success
    Faith in the real world of operations and friendships
    Creating warriors and warrior mindset
    What is ‘the standard’ and how to demonstrate it
    Child rearing – the SEAL way
  • As well as the making of Lone Survivor, fitness, shooting, and so much more…
  • Note:  we apologize for the occasional Skype issues (hissing, cut out) in first part of the interview



Episode 18: Long overdue, an interview with Kevin Secours.

Kevin is the founder of Combat Systema and a consummate teacher. Leading his world wide training organization while working in the world of combatives and martial art, Kevin has changed the face and methodology of Systema.

Recently well-known for his role as Sam Fisher in the Splinter Cell video game, Kevin is also popularly recognized world-wide as the man behind Sam Fisher’s movement and fighting.


This week Matt talks about the Brown-Stigler Incident of WWII and discusses a variety of topics with Kevin, including:

  • Russian Style – what works, what doesn’t
    Being Sam Fisher – what the Splinter Cell world is like
    Principles versus techniques: the important of having each
    Movement and getting better with your movement and fighting
    and much much more in this over an hour interview



Episode 17: Patterns and Parts, an interview with Sarah Jamieson.

Sarah is the Founder of RUN4ACause having run over 50,000 miles and raised $1.9 million for charities and causes.  She is a TedX Speaker and an innovator in the field of movement, biomechanics, and PTSD.

She specializes in corrective movement and movement coaching, and is a staple in the tactical fitness world, as well as the alternative fitness world of kettlebells and bodyweight challenges.

This week Matt makes fun of psychic energy and discusses a variety of topics with Sarah, including:

  • – Better training with the biopsychosocial model
  • – Patterns and Parts:  The key to better teaching and training
  • – Law Enforcement and Shift Work:  Making better cops
  • – Movement and PTSD:  How trauma affects our lives
  • – Interview starts at 15 minutes
  • – Audio Lecture by Matt Powell on the three keys to new student training 




Episode 16: Training environments and neurological problems?
In this week’s episode we look into the concept of how a training environment can be positive or negative.

Episode 15: What is mastery?
In this week’s episode we look at the nature of mastery in martial art training, and the thought process behind it.

Episode 14: A plan: the difference between winning and losing.
In this week’s episode we look making the correct decisions in combat by having a plan, using strategy and decisions.

Episode 13: Is fitness just looking good?
In this week’s episode we look at what fitness is from a variety of different viewpoints.

Episode 12: ‘Biomechanics’ in martial art…a history lesson.
In this week’s episode we look at the history of biomechanics, Russia, and martial art.

Episode 11: Good teachers aren’t born, they are taught to teach.
In this week’s episode we look at the elements of being a good teacher.

Episode 10: When do you fight? When do you run? When do you delay?
In this week’s episode we look at the tactical difference between engagement and disengagement.

Episode 9: Are your students really learning?
In this week’s episode we look at Directed Perceptual Testing and how to truly test your student’s skills.

Episode 8: How are drills good and bad for a martial art student?
In this week’s episode we look at how drills can be used in class and their inherent weakness in training neurology.

Episode 7: Physics and science: the unfair advantage.
In this week’s episode we look at what the study of physics in combatives is.

Episode 6: Tactical vs strategic…how do we make them work?
In this week’s episode we look at that difference and how to exploit them.

Episode 5: How to teach the perfect technique.
In this week’s episode we look at the science of attention weighting and how to teach the perfect technique.

Episode 4: What is distraction, and how can we use it?
In this week’s episode we look at the difference between sport and combat, the DPT, and ask: do we distract ourselves in a fight?

Episode 3: How we learn and what we learn from are important.
In this week’s episode we look at how much is experience, and how much is science in our martial art.

Episode 2: BlogTalkRadio with Aaron Cowan.
In this week’s episode we talk shop with firearms guru, Aaron Cowan.

Episode 1: BlogTalkRadio with Avery Mitchell
In this week’s episode we look reality and the nature of violence with Avery Mitchell.

BlogTalkRadio episode.
In this week’s episode we look at what FBI Statistics tell us about crime and the misleading nature of the martial art community.