EP 33: A Lot of Heart with Mark Cummings

[su_note note_color=”#d3d3d3″] EP 33: A Lot of Heart with Mark Cummings

10457733_10152227180496848_9133674276415484593_oThe first guest of the new Young Guns series, Mark Cumming is an inspiration to anyone who talks to him and hears his story.

Born with physical disabilities that would stop most in their tracks, Mark is a major up and comer in the martial art world, combining his skill with his story, he’s a teacher on many levels, from how to fight to how to look at life with a positive outlook no matter the circumstance.

Get ready to look at your own obstacles in a whole new light as Mark discusses how he’s overcome his disability and is setting the martial art community on fire!

This week Matt talks the problem with ‘personal brands’, and talks to Mark about:

– Turning a disability into an extraordinary ability
– How to teach the perfect high kick, and how to learn one
– What makes a great teacher for anyone
– Whiskey hangovers, guns, cereal, and so much more…!

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