We got a new shipment of Spartan gear this week. It’s the Elite gear…it’s so comfortable Matt decided he’s never taking it off.

In all seriousness, Spartan Gear will take your training to the next level.

Many times our students, in zero protective gear, or general boxing gear, will hold back in their training because of the fear of impacting or injuring another person. Spartan Gear removes this fear, as the student can work at higher levels and begin to see the effects of what they are doing…and find out if what they are doing works.

We are big fans of Spartan Training gear. It’s very affordable for the level of training value it brings and it will set you apart from the other schools, styles, and systems that you compete against in the market place of ideas. Pick some up today at Spartan Training Gear, and let them know, we sent you for a discount on your purchase.

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