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Pramek, from it’s inception, was created to be a universal concept for martial art.  Eventually it became much more as topics outside of martial art were examined.  This led to the development of a concept – that Pramek’s science was not martial art or a way of moving…but a universal operating system anyone could use to solve a problem.

The concept of the UOS is simple:  combatives, fitness, teaching, communication…they are all governed by 7 Sciences.  The more one understands each of the sciences, the better one will do at each.  The UOS seeks to understand how to apply those science to any task we may face.

The concept of the UOS

Pramek’s UOS is based on a concept:  Theory + Movement = Application.

This equation, created by Matt to explain what he was being taught in Russia, and discussed in the K-Sys Manual, grounds Pramek.  When a student finds a problem, and wants to create a solution, first they must seek to understand the science that governs the problem.  When the student understands the science and theory behind, and has efficient movement, they can manifest the theory to create an application.

This Application acts as a Solution to the problem they face.

But, first, one must understand the science of the problem they face.

The UOS’s theory is grounded in the study of 7 Sciences:

  • Kinematics
  • Biomechanics
  • Physics
  • Mechanics
  • Physiology
  • Psychology
  • Neurology

Here, Matt discusses the Pramek UOS:

The UOS studies these topics, understanding the concepts that govern them as sciences.  The UOS becomes an unfair advantage, as the student knows more about the problem than those around them…and therefore can create a faster solution.

Think of a communication problem you face with another person…it’s not an abstract unknown, but a problem governed by psychology.  When one wishes to achieve a new personal best in fitness, they look to physiology and biomechanics to give them the edge.  When a fighter faces an opponent with a greater understanding of neurology and mechanics, the fighter has an edge.

This is the universal nature of the UOS:  an operating system, where one uses it’s concept to understand the world around them.

The key is that the UOS is an on-going project – we will continue to add products to this program.

What is in the UOS?

The UOS Products