A Student Review of the CLM

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A recent review of the CLM from a student, reposted from Facebook:

‘ …To be honest I wasn’t sure I fully understood the core of what you were trying to express in the books initially, but I just decided that I’d give it a shot and try to do it as best as I understood it. It’s worth explaining that since I’m teaching a historical art that has been broken and resurrected that my reason for training isn’t for self defense. If you’re defending yourself with a 3 1/2 – 4’ long sword, you are probably going to jail. So it’s mostly for cultural and historical exploration. That means that altering the techniques isn’t really a positive thing, considering that the point is to study something that existed, and trying to understand it.

That however, is exactly why your process is so helpful. By using the attention weighting, and emphasizing the what it is that the techniques accomplish, what their goal is, the true beauty of the art is made much clearer. When you understand that the system was created with a complex goal, namely control your enemy’s sword, create a safe position to attack from, and stop any potential follow attacks against you, and you see how efficiently each technique works to accomplish that it’s far easier for students (myself included of course) to appreciate what it is that we study.

The part I’ve found most useful thing I’ve found is how it eliminates the ‘analysis paralysis’ problem. One that past training in Japanese martial arts created, and only after a lot of examination of what underlies the technique vs technique mindset, into the core concepts was able to break out of.

Hopefully I can help others overcome or outright avoid this situation in the future, and you have given me a valuable tool for accomplishing that.

Also I’m realizing that it’s broadly useful for life in general. Identify a goal, plan a strategy, use tactics to accomplish that strategy.”

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