HEq releases! Equilbrium! Pick it up now!

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Preview coming!
The full 2 hours of Breaking Balance in a two video series!
Due to the problems many had with the original Breaking Balance Interactive Manual, we have decided to release Breaking Balance as a full video: HEq.
Make sure you pick it up now here!

Topics include the following:

Video 1 (1 hr)
Postural Control
HEq: Pramek’s Theory of Human Equilibrium
HEq: Human Equilibrium
Force Acting Upon A Body
Center mass
The Nature of Stability
Coefficient of Stability
Controlling a body
Friction and Load Bearing Area
The Preservation and Disturbance of Equilibrium
Compensation Movement
Dampening Movement
Balancing Movement


Video 2 (1 hr)
Removal of Equilibrium
Circumduction movement
Attacking Dampening Movements
Attacking Compensational Movements
Attacking Balancing Movements
Human Dimensions
One Plane Disturbance
Shearing and planar movements
Common Examples of Equilibrium Disturbance