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Over time I’ve had many people ask me why we shot ‘The Pulse’, and much less put it out for free (at this link:  http://www.pramek.com/wp-content/uploads/wpsc/downloadables/eseminarthepulse.zip).

One, I have to admit – we had a new lens for a camera we wanted to try out with Key Intel Media.

Two, it was an idea I had for a long time.  I was introduced to the concept while at the Kadochnikov School – the idea of chaining your movements together to become faster in combat.  I took it to heart and we kept developing it over time.   The problem with a lot of martial arts is that they use full body power generation, or component power generation.   The old ‘adage’ of ‘the hip bones connected to the…’ never comes into play because techniques are taught as whole movement patterns, and the movement within them is rarely studied.

So, at a seminar, I demonstrated the power of the pulse by teaching it to a woman in her 60’s, then having her post up by her arms on a wall.  I then had the guys from the seminar pile behind her progressively, and push against her until 5 men we pushing against her…and she pulsed her way away from the wall, sending them flailing.  Everyone was shocked, and someone said, ‘That’s something I’d see a master do to demonstrate qi…but you’re saying it’s just physics?’


And since that time, it’s always taught in seminars.

Beyond the combative elements, think about your movement day to day – how often do you just lift with you back, or push with your arms – and end up with a sore back and tired arms, when you have an entire body connected to those arms and back you can bring into play.  Simply chaining your movements together can create efficient movement not utilized before.  When we look at efficiency, it’s about the force put in, in ration to the work performed.  The Pulse is efficient…

Now, think of a push, or a strike, or a kick – and using that same concept.

What will happen to a lot of people who view the video is they will say….’Ok, cool’ and then go on about doing their usual martial art.  The Pulse seems foreign, even thought it’s your natural movement…so, they will simply pulse in their everyday life and not know it.  But, some will see it for what it is – your natural movement state.  These people will practice it, familiarize with it, and then begin to utilize it all the time – growing stronger not through muscle, but by making their muscle usage efficient.

With that in mind, I want to offer you one other video for a limited time…it’s 5 minutes which explains combative efficiency.  It’s called the 25% rule.

It’s a rule that governs how much force you exert – and helps you determine, through practical means, what work you can getting out of the force.

Remember – not all work is efficient, and sometimes you make someone miss by a mile, when they only needed to miss by an inch and give you an opening…

So, here’s the link:  http://www.pramek.com/wp-content/uploads/wpsc/downloadables/twentyfiverule.zip

And feel free to spread these links – send them out to friends.

As we move into the latter part of the month and you see the new Pramek reorganization become public, new videos, instructors of Pramek you haven’t met before  – just remember, it’s all done from the viewpoint of efficiency – the  least force for the maximum amount of work.

Even tonight, at the shooting range, I utilize the pulse in firing a pistol to demonstrate recoil control – using the structure, chaining the body together to control the muzzle rise.  The possibilities of efficiency are endless.

There is a grace in efficiency and I hope you find it through The Pulse….


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  1. Hey Matt,
    Just finished watching the pulse e-seminar.
    This scientific approach seems much more efficient than trying to learn an elusive “feeling”
    in training.
    Great stuff!
    Time to go train!

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